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by Theo
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Battle Retrograde

Saturday ends with quiet laps of water tickling the shore of a California beach. The sun setting against the horizon with a blue and tangerine blush in the sky with boats flashing lights in the distance, giving a hidden cry towards the sun for ending the day. Benny, a 22-year-old beach goer walking alongside the picketed fence near the shoreline, walks across a broken cobblestone path with sand filling between the cracks. Benny was observing the sunset and wondered to himself: "What if someone is looking at the sun at the same time, looking for someone to say hello?"

It is 7:30 pm in Tucson of the Arizona Desert. Sergeant Fowler from Air Force Command told his team to re-assemble the Xn-85B project. He never wanted to launch it up again unless the world was going through another Level 4 Keter (Classed Invasion). Sergeant Fowler had received two phone calls from NASA and the National Hubble Telescope of a possible invasive entry from a detected object motioning through the asteroid belt from Saturn. One scientist implied that its trajectory was heading its way to Earth.

The team had finished the assembly of the project for the head of command. The prototype was now ready to be launched. With military class weaponry underway from being boosted with funds from the government, Fowler was not wanting to risk liability, but he was willing to do whatever it takes when "they" are ready to touchdown to Earth. First plasmid weapon in the century and sweating bullets from a legal dispute in the future. The sergeant was hoping maybe this would be the first of many kinds in war to stop a foreign race from gaining an upper hand over humanity.

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