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Seasonal changes bring new things
While the grand rooster crows
To greet each new dawn
The hens are clucking and cackling
As they gossip about the yard
And the chicks cheep and chirp
Shaking out their fluffy feathers
Barely churning up the dirt
As each day brings new changes

The wild boar go hog wild
Among the trees and foliage
Rabbits nibble on fresh strawberries
Hanging on a gardener's bush
The turkeys roam and wander
With their usual saunter
Not caring what they’re blocking
Be it beast or man’s machines

Faries dance among the freshest of blooms
Taking joy in the world's renewal
As they twirl around the proud antlers
Of the strong buck, the wise elk, and the mighty moose
While the honeybees buzz about their work
Among the wildflowers and trees
And all the woodland critters, young and old,
Gather berries from beneath the leaves

Scrawny saplings freed from an icy grasp
And finally given room to grow
To spread out root and branch
Into steady birch and mighty oak
While they learn the soaring songs of the birds
The gentle caress of the breeze
And the tapping steps of a rain shower
In the dawn's pale, cloudless light

As the old melts gently away
And the new rise to meet the sun
Changes come with each new day
As dandelion dreams are carried on the wind
Taken through ancient forests now awakened
Across fresh, swaying fields renewed
Along long mountain paths now unblocked
To far away places that can only be seen in dreams
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