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by Ryyth
Rated: E · Fiction · Mystery · #2321607
Continuation of story " The box that changed my life"

Ryuk lay on the ground near the door, his breath coming in quick, shallow gasps. His eyes were wide with terror as he stared at the mysterious figure standing in the doorway. The figure's piercing red eyes glowed ominously, seeming to stare straight into Ryuk's soul. Frozen in fear, Ryuk couldn't move, his mind racing to comprehend the impossible sight before him.

Ryuk woke up with a start, his heart pounding and his body drenched in sweat. He sat up in bed, trying to catch his breath. "It was just a dream," he muttered to himself, feeling a mix of relief and confusion. The strange figure, Catherine, the talking cat—it was all just a nightmare.

He sighed deeply and rubbed his eyes, trying to shake off the lingering fear. As he sat up, he felt a gentle weight on his lap. He looked down and saw the same cat from his dream, curled up and sleeping peacefully.

Ryuk's eyes widened in shock

"Wait, so you are real, Catherine? It wasn't a dream?" Ryuk said with a bit of happiness in his voice.

"Shhh, your dad will hear us," Catherine replied.

"Who are you talking to, Ryuk?" his father called from downstairs, coming up quickly.

"Hey, go hide somewhere, fast," Ryuk whispered to Catherine.

As his dad entered the room, he looked at Ryuk with concern. "Are you feeling okay, Ryuk? You had a high fever last night. I've told you several times to take an umbrella to school in bad weather, but you're just too careless," he scolded angrily.

Catherine, whom Ryuk had hidden in his blanket in a hurry, sneezed due to the fur. "Who's there?" Ryuk's dad demanded. "What are you hiding, Ryuk?"

Before Ryuk could respond, his dad removed the blanket and saw Catherine. "Wait, Dad, there's nothi—" Ryuk tried to explain.

His dad suddenly picked up the cat and exclaimed, "Flora!" His voice softened into a loving tone as he started rubbing the cat against his cheek. Catherine looked at Ryuk with an irritated expression.

"Wait, Dad, don't you hate cats?" Ryuk asked, confused.

"Hate cats? I love them! I had a cat just like her in my childhood, which went missing one day. Wait, maybe she is the same cat—Flora!" His dad started showing more affection to the cat. "Do you remember me, Flora? You missed me, right?"

Ryuk's dad placed the cat back on the bed and said, "Just you wait, Flora. I'll come back from shopping with lots of cat food for you." He ran downstairs in excitement.

A moment later, Ryuk heard his dad fall down the stairs in his haste. "Are you alright, Dad?" Ryuk called out.

"I'm fine!" his dad replied. Ryuk watched from his room window as his dad hurried down the street.

"Who's going to tell the poor old guy?" Catherine said, sighing.

"Hey, Catherine, there's something I want to ask you," Ryuk said.

"What is it?" Catherine asked, transforming back into a girl.

"When I opened the door, there was—
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