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Based of a dream I had once. Word Count: 400
It was midday at St. Talos's School Of Magic, one of three magical moments in the day. The other two being dawn and dusk.

Behind the school was a small field where students trained in magic. Today, it was scheduled for use by the sorcerer's class.

Out walked twenty men and women wearing long, dark blue robes patterned with white stars like glitter, and a big, black, pointy hat humans associated with witches.

The teacher, Archmage Killigan, looked as young as his student, but had an air of authority about him. He made his way onto an elevated, wooden platform to ensure everyone could see him. "Ladies, gentlemen, and others. Today, you will be learning how to make things disappear." He pointed at his hat and it vanished right in front of their eyes.

Reaching up, he closed his hand around it and everyone heard the crumpling of the material. When he brought his hand down, it reappeared.

"To make something invisible, you need to think "clear" thoughts. Like the wind, or something unseen. So, who wants to try first?"

From the class came an excited man with rare black eyes. Not very dark brown, but actual black.

"Alright Simon, don't be upset if you don't get it, it takes a few tries to find the right thought." Killigan said with caution. "When you're ready."

Simon thought the clearest thought he could, a beam of light of white that everything it touched also looked white. He focused on that image, pointed at his hat, and his hat was gone.

The entire class was astonished that he'd done it first try. But his face fell as he realised what he did. The hat hadn't vanished, it was actually gone, and he wasn't the only one that noticed.

"Oh, Simon. Not again." Killigan said sympathetically.

He couldn't take it anymore and started crying. This hadn't been the first time he'd destroyed something, but it was the first time he'd done so, so thoroughly.

Killigan put a hand on his shoulder, "Why don't you go get another hat?"

He nodded and walked away, too embarrassed to say anything. Simon wanted to be a sorcerer so badly, but he couldn't seem to get the hang of it. The only solice he found was that The Archmage must have seen something in him. Anyone else would have transferred him to the wizard's class by now.
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