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Can you hear that? The sound of the waves splashing against the ocean shore
Can you hear that? The sound of the waves splashing against the ocean shore. It's one of my favorite sounds. I come down here when I'm feeling down. In the evening, I'll take a walk along the beach and dig my toes into the sand, finding peace with nature.

Tonight, the sky is filled with purples and oranges, and the sun slowly sinking beneath the horizon. It's truly beautiful, and I wish someone could share the same vision I'm holding with my eyes now. I close my eyes and hear the slow rhythm of the ocean washing over me. The cool breeze carries a hint of salt and rain. It's the best smell.

There's a certain magic in the air, a sense of timelessness that makes all my worries fade away. Looking into the sea and seeing how vast and big it is, my troubles seem insignificant. The vastness of the ocean shows me how small my problems are compared to the size of this world, and how billions of others might be feeling the same way at the same time. Here, the world is just the sand, the sea, and the sky.

I walk further down the beach, the wet cool sand beneath my feet, the tension of the day slowly slipping away, feeling better with each breath. The seagulls cry overhead, I watch them swoop and dive. Their white wings contrast the dusky sky.

I come along a driftwood log, weathered and smooth from the countless tides over time. Sitting down I graze the endless expanse of the water, the stars begin to appear, one by one, tiny pinpricks of light in the night sky. They seem to wink at me.

Sometimes I think of the stories of sailors, explorers, and adventures crossing these waters, facing new undiscovered dangers and new lands. Sometimes I put myself in their vessels. "Would I have been a pirate or part of an army? Would I be some floor scum or high-ranking?" But for now...This beach is good enough.

The entire world feels quieter here, the constant roar of the ocean soothes my reckless mind. I breath in deeply inhaling the fresh sea air, let my thoughts drift, and exhale. As the darkness falls and the moon rises casting a silver path across the water. I know it is time to head back. But I linger a moment longer. This place, this simple, beautiful place, gives me the strength to face another day.
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