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The first chapter of my book Hero from the void.
I'm traveling upon a path I know to some extent, even though I've traveled more times than I can count. I like this trail in this part of the void the most, because even though the void is a pure white almost shadowless wasteland, It has some ways to enjoy the scenery. I'm walking through a forest trail, watching the void alter my path. I know how to stay on course, but to untrained eyes I'm a walking compass. I've been traveling for quite some time, getting resources for my family to survive. I walk a few more steps, then I notice something... No, Someone in the distance. Two people... are they fighting? I rush over, the sack on my back filled with goods from another country far away no longer relevant in my mind. I rush over, one man on top another. "It's mine! You can't have it!" The man being tackled yells. "It's ours to share! We have barely any left and you've eaten for the past week!" I make it over. "What's going on?" the man on top looks at me, still trying to get to the man underneath him. "He's keeping all our food for himself! We don't have much and I'm starving!" I realize what's going down. I've had to deal with starving people before. "Hey! Hey, I got food I can share! Please stop!" Once they hear this, they stop and look at me. the man that was on top looking hungrily at my bag. I pull out three loaves of bread and give them to the men. "What's your name, stranger?" The man that was on top asks me.

"I'm Extera. I come from Void's end."

"I'm Jalon, this here is Jacon, my brother." the man that was on top said.

Jacon looks at me. "Void's end? It's an edge city?" he looks at me skeptically.

"Yeah, It's a city at the edge of the void." Jalon, after a huge gulp of food says, "Those places are dangerous. always on edge, and always in fear of destruction."

They seem nervous talking about this, and I have to get home, so I say my goodbyes, pack up my stuff, and hit the road. I walk on and on, not caring about the time, for time shifts as easy as the wind here. what feels like some time after I found those people, I find a path. It looks like it was made by my kind, and I know this place well enough. I'm almost home. I follow the path, and soon the void starts to change from a white to light grey, with structures like trees and old structures fading out of view. The path changes to stone, then I know I made it to Void's end.

I look up, and see the town, tons of dark grey houses in jagged rows, cliffs with houses and shops above and below. away from all this, almost obscured by the giant wall protecting us, is a giant pitch black wall that stretches on for infinity. I walk not too far from it, towards a house on a cliff. Before I can even get my hand on the handle, my sister opens the door, with an angry expression.
"You took too long! You know how long I've been waiting!" I smile.

"It's good to see you too, Ann." that's Antera, my sister. we were all created at the same time, but we all developed differently. She acts like an older sister to my other two brothers, and I try to look like an older brother. One of my brothers, Artera runs up, right along Bextra.

"Did anything exciting happen?"

"Did you bring anything cool?" Bextra and Artera says.

"I got a lot to show y'all, but I'd like to relax for a bit. everyone goes back to their own things in the house, and I sit down in a chair, relaxing my aching feet. This walk felt longer... I think to myself. I relax for some time, then get up. I don't want everyone to be waiting for a while... I put my bag on the table and pull out a device. My brothers flock up, looking at it.

"What is it?"

"Why is it round? Is it a wheel?" Bextra then Artera says.

"It's something called a clock, apparently if I get something to power it then It can tell us the time." Antera crosses her arms "But doesn't time fluctuate?" "Yes, but I imagine that this could be our 'Home time' and that we could count 'Days' using this." I pull out dozens of papers, all with different names, numbers, and boxes. "This is called a calendar, it's going to help us keep track of 'Days.' when the clock gets to the twelve on both of these rods, then we mark a new day. we can also mark it past the twelve, that's fine." Bextra looks at it, somewhat amused, while Artera is amazed. Antera says "What else is in the bag?" I open up the bag and look inside. "There's stuff I'm going to sell for money, and stuff like food that we can use to survive." Antera smirks "So your going to do the shopping this time?" Bextra and Artera both say "I want to go with you!" at almost the same time. "Let's all go." we go to the store not too far from here, it has almost everything we need, like new clothes. We stay in groups of two, me going with Bextra and Antera going with Artera. I go and get clothes. an elderly lady is near us, getting some baby mittens. I don't pay her much attention until she lets out a gasp, and within seconds, she's gone. a crowd grows almost instantly. I get Bextra and we leave that spot quick. When we meet up with Ann and Artera again, I tell her what happened. we go and sell and buy, then we leave for home quickly. That night, people were talking about that old lady, and how she was 'chosen to leave the void.' Most was sad for her, taking care of a young voidling that just recently was constructed, while others were jealous that she got to leave the void to another reality.
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