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It's Already Been Said, By: Henry Cavalier
It's already been said.

It's been written, read, spoken and heard.

From comparing the beauty of a woman to the flight of a bird.

To tasteless jokes about farts, boogers, and turds.

It's been texted, blogged, and posted.

It's been copied, pasted, reworded, and boasted

by well read, educated, unintelligent men.

Memorized, translated, and written again.

The same knowledge is recycled, reused, and retold.

Re-marketed for youth after the passing of old.

Because knowledge is power and power is sold.

From the knowledge and wisdom of great minds in the past

To the standardized thinking now taught in the class.

From history, science, grammar, and math.

To poetry, music, fine arts, and good crafts.

From business, politics, and how to succeed.

To architecture, farming, and even how to grow weed.

From building a house to making your bed .

For the cost of tuition you can read what's been said.

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