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This is about a little girl that winds up finding two wonderful and special friends...
         There was once a bright and highly intelligent little girl named, Brenda. She lived in Tennessee and was the only child. She was adopted and was actually the result of an extraterrestrial that implanted her birth Mom resulting in the ultimate creation, Brenda.

         Brenda wasn't your typical little girl. Even though she's only 8, her IQ is well over 200 and was around 500. Her parents had a difficult time providing her with books on all different kinds of subjects. From sciences to even science fiction books, quantum physics and so forth. Brenda was even given an enormous book shelf that was placed in her bedroom to hold all of the books that she asked her parents to get for her she wanted.

         Brenda loved to also go outside to play in the summer. She was outdoors a lot of the time playing in the forest behind her home, alone or with a friend. If she went deep enough into the forest though, she'd eventually come across a small spacecraft. She kept wanting to see the being that was on it. Finally one day, the being on the spaceship finally emerged!

"I'm Gesvaty from Orion. I'm here to be your friend and to teach and protect you. You are a part of us, we are a part of you." Gesvaty said while slowly continuing to emerge from the small spacecraft and staring at Brenda.

"I'm Brenda. It's nice to meet you. What will you teach me?" Brenda said all happy and excited to finally be able to see and talk to the being.

"I'm here to teach you how to use all kinds of different abilities that exist within the truer capabilities of the human mind. Yours is good because you know a lot already from the books you've learned from," said Gesvaty.

         Gesvaty that summer day taught Brenda how to fly using her mind with her entire body, make objects move with her mind and thoughts, make an animal fall asleep in the forest near by, using her mind and many other abilities. She was even able to see dead animals, using her mind that were still in the forest, and do light working. She helped the dead animals cross over and go into heaven.

"You are now ready to use these gifts. I will visit you every now and then to further teach you more on how to use all of these that I've taught you. There are many other ways to use each one and I'll also be near by protecting you. You are greatly needed and will also help dead humans that don't know they're dead go to heaven. Light working can be done for them too not only for animals," said Gesvaty and got into his little spaceship and flew off into the sky quickly and left.

"This is great! Hey. Who are you," asked Brenda curiously, seeing a little boy.

"I'm Justin. I live in the forest," said Justin.

         Brenda looked more closely at, Justin. He wasn't a human boy. He was another extraterrestrial. He was slightly, see through too. She realized he wasn't alive, but was dead, and was appearing to look like a human boy.

"I know you're not a human boy. And you're not alive. I'm going to help you," said Brenda.

"No. I don't need help. I'm here to be your friend and also protect you. Yes I'm not alive but I'm here when Gesvaty isn't," said Justin.

"My real name is Juystor," said Juystor.

         Juystor and Brenda became great friends. Juystor also further helped teach Brenda how to use her gifts even more. Sometimes Gesvaty came to teach her too, and Juystor who was also a child but an extraterrestrial, also learned from Gesvaty. All of them were happy and Brenda at night flew all over the country and world, helping take dead people to heaven with her gift as Gesvaty taught her and Juystor to do. Many people were dead from wars, famine, disease and for other reasons and they helped make the world a better place and finally bring peace, love and happiness to all of those that were victimized by the terrible things that once had to go through during their life.
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