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A poem about a woman considering a marriage proposal.
A bridesmaid at her friend's Wedding.
The bride was the sister of her boyfriend.
He had just asked her to marry him.
She loved him, yes but was she ready to be married?

She sits at her desk thinking about her life.
A squirrel friend sits at the desk with her.
She is still dressed in her bridesmaid dress.
She prays and asks for guidance in this journey.

The wind gently blows her hair as she-
hangs on to her hat and touches her pearls.
Her boyfriend is the nicest man she has ever known.
She would love to share her life with him.

Her career as a fashion designer was going well.
She loved her home in the country that was always quiet.
The woods near by always gave her comfort.
With her boyfriend, she felt she had it all.

She did feel alone at her house by the woods.
Being married, she wouldn't be alone in her big old house.
She had love, security and a promising career.
Yes. She wanted to be married and she knew she was ready.

She called her boyfriend and told him her answer was Yes.
He was happy and they made their Wedding plans.
She made out wedding invitations at her desk-
remembering all the love notes she had written him as well.

Her squirrel friend was always with her.
He always came through the window from
the tree that he lived in next to the house.
He was a pet and faithful companion.

Her Wedding day approached and she was now married.
He shared her dreams and hopes.
They are happy and life is good.
The beauty of life, the moon and the stars are the limit.

Once again, she sits at her desk with her squirrel friend.
Writing out birth announcements this time.
She loves her life and at her desk, she meditates.
Reflections, life's events. Memories and life can be beautiful.

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