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Bhutan and Tigers Nest

BCOF Insignia Apondia

When I think of Bhutan, I think of a peaceful place with lots of mountainous spots with deep valleys and rivers. The environment seems to be a key to the remoteness of the country and the devotedness of the residents to a peaceful life.

One time in my various readings I read that the original Budda (Siddhartha Gautama}, commanded that he should never be worshipped. I came into some of my knowledge by studies in Mindfulness and Yoga. Although it is true that Mindfulness is associated with Buddhism it is also true that meditation is used in Judaism and Christianity. If you really study or just read books about different religious endeavors you will find similar and dissimilar ideas recorded in these three subjects.

There is a book in our local library written by an associate of Siddhartha Gautama. When I read it I felt every child would benefit from the ideas expounded by the Bhudda. I also wondered why this particular type of writing was not set forth in writings about Jesus. I could see the hand of One God influencing the teachings of the Bhudda. I'm sure when people were sitting in places listening to the Christ, that he was telling them many of the teachings in the book I read.

Also, one time probably 35 or 40 years ago I heard a speaker explaining the pitfalls of yoga in a Christian's life. Yet a book on Yoga I have in my library says Yoga is used in worship of one God. There is a place in Ezekiel where the prophet tells people not to use Yoga to worship the sun. I know there is a sun salutation, but it is only a morning greeting to the sun as it is considered a living entity. It is not a worship to the sun.

The beliefs of naturalist credit every part of life as a living entity. Planets are greeted as mothers to civilizations. Plants make their own sounds. Animals within their own realm can think and communicate. A serious storm seems to wreak havoc with a life of its own.

So, I was not surprised today to learn that Tiger's nest was created because a monk rode a Tigress to her lair on a mountain. It seemed a sad thing that the original temple burned in 1998 and was rebuilt.

I visited the sanctuary. It was impressive. Even though it was extremely expensive; it would be a peaceful type of vacation from daily life. I thought of having tea at the tea bar. The tea bar offers 20 different types of herbal tea. There is a Bhutanese Medicine doctor in residence at the sanctuary who will consult with travelers about health remedies. The restaurant terrace overlooks the beautiful Neyphu valley. And the rooms offer a choice of a terrace or a balcony room that also show fabulous scenic views of the valley.

To top it off I found singing bowls for sale in Amazon today.

So, my swift exploration into Bhutan at Youtube.com and books I have read reaped some memories of readings and some new knowledge about a remote, beautiful and spiritual country. Hope your day is blessed.

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