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Each snowflake, like each human being is unique.
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Spiritual news letter Deadline 7/26/21


Editor's Picks

1. Message to a Friend--You
2. The Light of the World
3. Jacob's ladder
4. Alpha and Omega
5. The Inconvenience of Belief
6. Poets and Paupers
7. Is "He" Real ... God That Is?
9. Child of God

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Writing Spiritual Poetry

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What is spiritual poetry?


Where do you get inspiration for spiritual poetry?

About This Newsletter

I write spiritual, religious, inspirational, and--sometimes--mystic poetry. This year I am focusing on a group of poems dedicated to one of the spiritual influences in my life. Those poems are in "Bicentenary Poems and Prose [ASR]. I also have a group of mystic poem in "The History of the Divine Feminine [18+], and I need to edit some of these poems. As a result, I have become aware of where my inspiration for these poems come from.

Letter From the Editor

First, some very basic definitions for spiritual, religious, and mystic poems. Mystic poem concern the desire of the human soul for union with God. Religious poems are those written about a specific religion, scripture verse, the Revealer of a religion, or one of the central figures of a religion. Spiritual poem is an expression of the soul's journey on its chosen path toward the Creator, which can include both religious and mystic poem.

Inspiration for spiritual poems can come from anyplace. A spiritual poem can be inspired by hand washing dishes or a walk in the park. A nature walk is a good pace to find inspiration because nature is the home of the soul, while the city is the home of the body. Of course, you can find inspiration in the city if you from a stained glass window or the fauna and flora inhabiting your yard. I was once inspired by the web of an orb weaver spider.

Anyone can write a spiritual poem, with a bit of preparation. I prepare through prayer, meditation, and reading the sacred scriptures. However, not everyone prepares in this way. You can meditate, take a nature walk, or a walk around the block. You can write about an awe inspiring experience from your present or past. You can even use a dream as the basis or a spiritual poem.

When you get an idea, write it down on a physical notepad or the notepad in your smartphone or tablet. Do not dismiss any idea, no matter how unusual or unpoetic you think it is, because you cannot judge a poetic idea until you have attempted to write a poem about it.

Do you have any spiritual, religious, or mystic poems you want to submit to this newsletter? Do you have any questions you would like me to answer? Do you have any ideas for upcoming newsletters? Please let me know.

Editors Picks

 Message to a Freind--You.   (E)
It's just something that's been floating around in my head for a while.
#2240538 by ~SilverMoon~

Excerpt: What's going on with you? I don't know what's going on over there or what personal dilemmas you are dealing with. I'd just like to encourage you to try and be easy on yourself regardless of whatever it is. I say this to you as I'd say it to myself as well.

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#1806376 by Not Available.

Excerpt: Do you know of the “Power of the Holy Spirit?"
         That God will fill you with joy and peace, no more anxieties to fear.

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#2227309 by Not Available.

Excerpt: There are books available that talk about what God’s church is supposed to be. One called it a working portal to heaven. In the book, Gate Church, the author is relating how Jacob saw a vision of a ladder leading to heaven and thought; this is indeed a holy place. We hear this in the old melody, “We Are Climbing Jacob’s ladder.”

 Alpha and Omega  (E)
Inspired by Doctrine and Covenants 75:1-2
#2253917 by Private

Excerpt: I am ornery,
         cussed as a veteran rebel,
         refugee of a district burned over
         and over by shame.

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#2254402 by Not Available.

Excerpt: I finished my career teaching Religions. I trained a Mathematics teacher, taught English and side-swiped through Science, Geography and History. Nobody wanted to take on Religious Education, except me. I was, and still am, fascinated by the whole range of human beliefs. Everyone believes in something, even if that is nothing. Some have faith in God, or Gods. Some believe in the Truth, whatever that is. Others will say there is nothing, it is all a construct, some go on to claim that it is a way of power and control. I have discovered a breadth and depth to our explorations of the physical and metaphysical that had left me astounded and with the big question that, at some point in a lifetime, demands answer. Who should I believe?

Poets and Paupers  (E)
An homage to the mystic monarchs of words. (Form: Free Verse) Stormy's Poetry Winner!
#2145062 by 🌕 HuntersMoon

Excerpt: The stars shine in the firmament;
         each bearing a name:
         Shakespeare, Percy, Frost, Whitman, Poe ...
         and the newest, Angelou.
         These mystic monarchs of words
         inspire, soothe, entertain, and
         share visions of worlds
                    seen only through their eyes.

 Is "He" Real -- God That Is?  (E)
People often struggle with whether or not God is real. I've decided that He IS!
#2236372 by G. B. Williams

Excerpt: Do you ever wonder if God is real? I have often pondered that question in my life, and one day some years ago, I came to terms with that question, and today, I, personally, know that God is real TO ME!

Submitted by Readers

 Child of God  (E)
In this time of turmoil what is a simple man to do.
#2253376 by bearbit

Excerpt: Some pains are not yours.
         Take them as a burden,
         To carry, so that others
         Can walk strong beside you

Activities, Groups, and Contests

 United in Our Grief  (ASR)
This folder contains the items for the group United in Our Grief
#1967560 by Prosperous Snow celebrating

The Grief Hostel Group   (18+)
Join an active support group in your time of need. We also celebrate victories over trauma
#1984506 by Nixie

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