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Fantasy Newsletter Deadline: March 14, 2022


Editor's Picks

1. Travel into Battle
2. Sacrifice
3. Nothing To Sneeze At
4. Mary's Lucky Day
5. Sparks
6. Change of Season
7. A Trick of the Lighting
8. Nash Linkuts ("our Parting")
9. Of Muses and Men

Heading 1

Welcome to Martius

Heading 2

Martius or March is the month of contradictions


What does March and Mars have in common?

About This Newsletter

Welcome to March or Martius the month the Romans dedicated to Mars their god of war, who also practiced agriculture. Now this may seem weird to some, but--since an army needs to be fed--I do not find it weird. After all Mars had to feed his army somehow and if he grew his own crops he did not have to purchase grain from strangers.

Letter From the Editor

March the month dedicated to Mars. March the month the Caesar ignored the soothsayers warning about the Ides of Martius. March the month that Saint Patrick was either martyred or born (I can never remember which one). March when the Mother Nature does not know if it is winter or spring. March the month that time falls forward (usually without tripping over its own feet).

Alright, this is the fantasy newsletter and not the comedy newsletter. What does March bring to my mind? March brings two things to my mine, (1) A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs and (2) The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells. It has been a while since I read either of them, but I remember them fondly. I also saw the movie adaption of War of the Worlds on late night television.

The books I checked out from the library in Blackwell. The librarians never said anything to either myself or my siblings when we checked them out. However, that could have been because my mother or one of my grandparents were with us when we went to the library. I enjoyed going to the library, still would if it was easy for me to get there.

What myths or stories does March bring to your mind? Have you read any books about Mars that you liked? Have you written a fantasy or science fiction story about March or Mars?

April is National Poetry month, have you written any fantasy or science fiction poems? Have you read any poems of these genres? Who are the authors?

Editors Picks

 Travel into Battle  (18+)
A man finds himself in a WWII battle. A time travel story.
#2267620 by Kotaro

Sacrifice  (E)
Eat your veggies!
#2267701 by Genipher

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This item number is not valid.
#2259098 by Not Available.

Mary's Lucky Day  (E)
A cup of coffee, a Leprechaun, and a gold coin change things for Mary McAloon
#1981947 by Carol St.Ann

Sparks  (13+)
Protecting family.
#2261380 by L_P

Change of Season  (E)
Daily Flash Fiction. 8/10/20. W/C 298
#2229125 by QueenNormaJeanGreeneggs&vegham

A Trick of the Lighting  (13+)
A woman walked into an art gallery....
#2268294 by Roari ∞

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#2258074 by Not Available.

 Of Muses and Men...  (E)
Dave meets his muse.
#2266024 by Averren

Submitted by Readers

Activities, Groups, and Contests

s writes: Which author aroused your interest in fantasy and/or science fiction?
Edgar Rice Burroughs. As a child, maybe 6 or so, my maternal grandma introduced me to pulp fiction, and that included many of the workds of ERB. I loved the worlds he created, the creatures, the larger-than-life characters. In high school I was introduced to Tolkien, but I was also introduced to Robert E. Howard and while JRR was a masterful storyteller, it was REH who informed my writing. Then I discovered H.Rider Haggard (She is a master-work). So, while I am not in their league, my fantasy was informed by Burroughs, Howard and Haggard. As for science fiction, I didn't really get into the pulp fiction variants, but the same grandma intrduced me to Wyndham (Day Of The Triffids et al.) and I loved it (though there were also horror elements there), but when I discovered Asimov and Vonnegut, that did it - science fiction was something I enjoyed. Douglas Adams opened my eyes to what could be done with it. Harry Harrison wrote my favourite ever trilogy in all of fiction. I think that's it...

Averren writes: Tolkien, of course. But, he led me to many other great authors -Donaldson, Anthony, Lewis, NcCaffrey... I could go on forever.

Paul writes: I’m going to be 80 in July and I learned to read about 5 by getting my mother to read The Wizard of Oz to me until I’d memorized all the words. I started with pulp SciFy when I was about 8 so you could pick any of hundreds of authors who got me going. I’ve been reading it and fantasy since.

Elfin Dragon-finally published writes: Authors: Well my father got me reading with Piers Anthony and Robert Aspirin. For SciFi/Fantasy I found I really enjoy Glen Cook and Orson Scott Card.

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