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Each snowflake, like each human being is unique.
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May 10, 2023 Fantasy Newsletter Deadline May 8, 2023


Editor's Picks

1. Fiction Factory
2. Chosen as Queen
3. Andriodization of Man
4. Time to Leave
5. Manakin
6. Final Battle
7. Loused Up in Space
8. Mischievous
9. Second Chances

Heading 1

Scientific Discoveries: On the Moon

Heading 2

Besides water are their other scientific discovers about the moon?


Can you use these discoveries to in a story?

About This Newsletter

It has been scientifically proved that the moon is not made of green or any other color of cheese. This is a disappointment for cheese lovers everywhere. Please, forgive the humor, I am writing this on World Laughter Day.

Proven scientific discoveries concern water on the moon and a huge mass of metal under the South Lunar Pole. This means more inspiration for science fiction writers.

Letter From the Editor

One recent scientific discovery concerns a huge metal structure beneath the surface of the moon. This structure is located under the South Lunar Pole-Aitken basin. All that is known about it is that it is metal of some type. One of the possible explanations is that it is the core of an asteroid. Another explanation is the possibility it is the oxides from a magma ocean. Both of these explanations are logical scientific deductions. Neither of these explanations should stop imitative authors from coming up with their own story lines.

Another scientific discovery concerns water on the moon. This discovery is probably more important than any other, because it will help humanity colonize moon. Some of the water is in ice scattered across the moon's surface. Another place water was discovered was in glass beads located in meteorite impact zones. If the water can be recovered, there might be enough to sustain large areas of colonization.

There is water on the moon
this is a great boon
for scientific exploration
and lunar colonization.

What are some other scientific discoveries that you could use in a story? Have you written a story based on some scientific discovery you have read about? Please submit any of your science fiction or fantasy stories to the newsletter, with ratings 18+ or below. Deadline: June 2, 2023.

Editors Picks

 Fiction Factory  (E)
A future where novels and stories are written by machines. A Young man yearns for change.
#2286438 by Damon Nomad

 Chosen As Queen  (E)
A story idea that randomly came to me.
#2293723 by Hallee R. Krupp

 Androidization of Man  (13+)
What will result from our rising avatarization? A rambling speculative fiction account.
#1635740 by Barsaces

 Time To Leave  (E)
Trust No One - Winner - Daily Flash Fiction - 12/8/20 - W/C 268
#2239333 by QueenNormaJeanGreeneggs&vegham

Manakin  (ASR)
Created in his own image?
#2288845 by Words Whirling 'Round

 Final Battle  (E)
A young man confronts his childhood fear.
#2294415 by W.P. Gerace

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#2294783 by Not Available.

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Submitted by Readers

 Short Stories and poems  (18+)
A collection of various short stories and poetry.
#1670440 by BIG BAD WOLF is hopping

Activities, Groups, and Contests

Beholden writes: Thank you very much for including my short story, Outcast, amongst your Editor's Picks.

sorry, buddhangela's broken writes: Thanks for this fun newsletter. I've never heard of the egg-laying hare, and I wondered that a lot as a kid. –– Adding a Pooka to a story is an excellent idea – perfect for a story I've got hibernating, actually! (Years ago we had a cat we named Xander as a kitten, but soon we only referred to him as "the Pooka." I think in this day and age, cats are frequently pookas.) Cheers!

BIG BAD WOLF is hopping writes: "Short Stories and poems
Oh, I've made a recent item involving the Easter Bunny's son and a female leprechaun.

Schnujo is Late to Lannister writes: In step 5, you left out the question where. I would want to know where it's going to hit. *Wink* This also leads to additional questions for the others like how likely is this to happen? How much of an impact will this have on earth? How can I protect myself, if I can?

Also, just curious as to why you take notes on your articles in longhand. I take notes directly into my bitems...mostly because I'm lazy and unlikely to transition things to there. *Laugh* Now, I do know that you access different creative/emotional centers when writing by hand vs. typing, so in creative writing, this makes perfect sense to me. But for taking notes on an article, it seems like an unnecessary step. I'm just wondering why you do it. *Smile*

Thanks for this article!

dragonwoman writes: The Irish in me took over this month, and the tale you chose for the newsletter is one of my favorites so far

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