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by deemac
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There oughtta be a word for it!

SNIGLETS - as popularized by Rich Hall - are words that don't appear in the dictionary, but should!

(As opposed to "Meanies, which are OLD words given NEW meanings.)

In case you're new to Sniglets, this is the kind of thing we mean ...



Just one rule: No 'borrowing' from the internet : your own originals only please,

Bristlette- a stray baby bristle on your paint brush that always pops out just when you are finishing off a window frame, leaving a fine line of paint all the way down the glass. (deemac )

Shitlet - an attempted sniglet that is of low or inferior quality. (Steev the Friction Wizurd )

Sniglet - a Chiclet-like chewing gum for people with no sense of humour. It makes one snigger uncontrollably. (Petra Pansky )

Petral - a Canadian fuel made from Moose oil and wisecracks *Pthb* (Steev the Friction Wizurd )

In-and-Outlet : EITHER An In and Out that will never ever EVER have more than 10 posts *Blush* OR A large store where you can buy a new In and Out at a big discount. (deemac )

deemaculate - adjective used to describe the creation of certain items, eg, Sniglets was a deemaculate conception. (Steev the Friction Wizurd )

Stevecracker - an ex-safecracker who decides to give up their life of crime and subsequently becomes a psychological researcher who tries to determine why some people are funnier than others. (Petra Pansky )

Petrafied - shocked into temporary paralysis by the glorious appearance before you of a Canadian bombshell in her moosehide bikini. *Bigsmile* (Steev the Friction Wizurd )

Frictionitis - an inflamation of the brain brought on by trying to keep up with a comedic genius. (Petra Pansky )

Sniglephobia - a disease affecting everyone at WDC except the cool kids. *Pthb* (Steev the Friction Wizurd )

Sniggerlet - a little snigger that cool kids give whenever an In&Out breaks the 10-post barrier .... VROOOOOM! (deemac )

Dekaphoria - the elation one feels when one has finally surpassed the 10th entry of an In/Out! YaY!! (Petra Pansky )

Metaphoria - the elation a writer feels at having invented a totally original metaphor (deemac )

Spuddiction – A persistent compulsion to eat potato chips even though you *know* they'll make you fat(ter). (Petra Pansky )

Spudspiracy – A theory which supposes that potato chips are laden with addictive substances so unsuspecting consumers eat more of them, thereby increasing sales. (Petra Pansky )

Spuducopia - A spiral shaped horn that produces an endless flow of potato sniglets. (Steev the Friction Wizurd )

Spudinitis - a nervous disease caused by the excessive consumption of potato sniglets. (Steev the Friction Wizurd )

Inyourendo- an innuendo suggesting going in the back door (Karen Lightnhart )

Snotopia - A utopian world that pharmaceutical companies selling flu vaccine envision. (Petra Pansky )

Brewhaha -- Drink distilled from the tears of people who laughed until they cried while observing a hubbub. (Steev the Friction Wizurd )

Quecumber – Those times when you have no choice but to stand in a lineup while being burdened with lots of shopping bags. “This is the third quecumber I've had to endure this week!” (Petra Pansky )

Coifficide – When your hairdresser gives you a bad haircut and you just want to strangle him/her! (Petra Pansky )

Sniglattery - The use of sniglets to compliment and flatter people. (Steev the Friction Wizurd )

MEANIES - A BRAND NEW In&Out for OLD WORDS given NEW DEFINITIONS! "Meanies *Bigsmile* (deemac )

sneenie - a sniglet who accidentally blew his niglet off while trying to become a meanie. (Steev the Friction Wizurd )

Snigarette: When one takes time out and relaxes by reading over previous entries of Sniglets one is said to be taking a “snigarette break”. (Petra Pansky )

Snigotine - the real reason for snigarette breaks... either that, or an execution device that chops off your sniglet instead of your head. (Steev the Friction Wizurd )

pandemoneyin - the collection plate in a Southern Baptist church (Steev the Friction Wizurd )

mapquest - the long ride back to where the map flew out of the car window and the ensuing search for it (Steev the Friction Wizurd )

Deefishinsea – A new method of catching fish in a large body of water, patent pending by deemac. (Petra Pansky )

*Laugh* snaggery - the tendency of any loose item of one's clothing to snag on a hook, door handle, or other errm, protuberance just at the very moment when one is squeezing past carrying a tray of four steaming hot cups of coffee. *Shock* (deemac )

petraphernalia -- all that junk in Petra's attic (Steev the Friction Wizurd )

deebris -- all that trash in deemac's garage (Steev the Friction Wizurd )

A Stevening - A memorable evening of wit and comedy with you-know-who *Wink* (deemac )

Adornob--dressing room hook in fashionable clothing store (Katya the Poet )

Bicicle - a bicycle that's been left out in the freezing cold (deemac )

Feminition--When a woman knows she's right about something! (Katya the Poet )

Nosuchword - When a woman admits she might just have been ever so very slightly, teensy weensy, bitsy witsy, WRONG about something. (deemac )

Negligaball--When a man is not quite as well-endowed as he implied (Katya the Poet )

Katyak - a cute little boat that can navigate any stream of thought, whether deep or shallow (Steev the Friction Wizurd )

Stevedoor--The door you walk through to find Steve (see also Meanies) (Katya the Poet )

majamas - Mother's Day gift of pajamas (Steev the Friction Wizurd )

Pee-jays--Pajamas with a handy urination feature (Katya the Poet )

Frictionalyze – to have your personality analyzed by Steve. A most enlivening experience! (Petra Pansky )

Petyapansky -- getting your pansky petted, a free service avaialable wherever frictionalyzation is offered (not available in Canada, see a doctor immediately if you last for more than four hours) (Steev the Friction Wizurd )

Deefuzzled – The way you become confused and slur your speech, after imbibing a few too many drinks at deemac's house. (Petra Pansky )

Deefuzzed -- what happens to you after you become defuzzled and deemac revs up his electric shaver. *Shock* (Steev the Friction Wizurd )

Calmikaze – a new antidepressant pill for people with suicidal tendencies. (Petra Pansky )

Sudden Eth -- the moment in a close contest when, all of the sudden, something gets scambled up (Katya the Poet )

Chlorophyllocular – green eyed. “Aye, that Irish lass is a chlorophyllocular beauty!” (Petra Pansky )

Peeple - collective noun for a bunch of voyeurs (deemac )

Smorch--To burn your worthy opponent with a witty comment that has the power of a withering smirk (Ex. Petra smorched Steve with her next sniglet.) (Katya the Poet )

Fleeative--To be so creative one must run away from one's own imagination (Katya the Poet )

Fleative--To be able to attract fleas, and eat them (Katya the Poet )

Flegnant -- about to give birth to a flea sniglet (Steev the Friction Wizurd )

Pissword - an incorrectly typed password (deemac )

Kangaroom - a kind of kennel for your pet marsupial (deemac )

Mediochre--When one is blue because one is not bright yellow, nor really up to snuff (Katya the Poet )

Discoovered--When one is caught erasing a disk. With a Hoover. In Scotland. (Katya the Poet )

Bibliolicious – What you say when you've finished devouring a particularly gripping novel. “That was bibliolicious! May I have another volume?” (Petra Pansky )

Ribbiculous--So funny it makes your ribs ache from laughing. "Petra Pansky makes me ache with her ribbiculous sniglets!" (Katya the Poet )

Mooseltoe -- old Canadian Christmas tradition of hanging a moose from the ceiling (Steev the Friction Wizurd )

Mistlefinger - a twig you can kiss underneath and get tickled behind the ear at the same time (deemac )

Jestation--The pregnant pause before people burst out laughing! (Katya the Poet )

Hemisemidemigod – One eighth of a god. A being with slightly more power than a mortal; commonly referred to as an auto mechanic. (Petra Pansky )

Snigarrest - When the creation of Sniglets comes to a sudden and screeching halt. *Wink* (Petra Pansky )

Romanticide – Anything which quickly kills “the mood”. (Petra Pansky )

In&OutBurst - a sudden unexplained burst of posts on an otherwise sleepy In&Out (deemac )

Snigarev - when a sudden In&OutBurst gets the Sniglets engine up and running again (deemac )

SnigarevRev - when the vicar posts one of his long boring sermons on Sniglets (even though only the first 255 characters actually show) *Yawn* (deemac )

SnigarevRevrev - when the vicar's post reverses the trend and sends Sniglets back to sleep again (deemac )

Vicarous--(Religious term) Valiant or vigorous, applied to efforts by a boring vicar (Katya the Poet )

Pumpkinitis -- the slight queasiness you feel when you gaze at a jack-o-lantern slowly rotting away on a porch (Steev the Friction Wizurd )

Monorigamy--Twisted fidelity (Katya the Poet )

F'art--French art (Katya the Poet )

Pigamy - the crime of marrying 2 small people (deemac )

Pooetry--poetry that's crap (Having written some, I know.) (Katya the Poet )

ShamPooem - a crap verse that kinda passes for a poem that you make up in the shower (deemac )

Crap Rinse -- need I say more? (Katya the Poet )

Mop Rinse - rinse for people with large mops of hair, only available online but from a notoriously inefficient company ... wait fer it ... hence, all those hairy people walking around singing, "Someday, Mop Rinse will come" *Sick* (deemac )

dumbmac - deemac's evil twin brother who often posts here and forges deemac's name. *Pthb* (Actually, Mop Rinse was quite clever... *groan* *Delight*) (Steev the Friction Wizurd )

Pondercorn--When your head explodes from thinking too much and you can eat it while watching a movie! (Katya the Poet )

grosslet -- any sniglet involving exploding organs *Sick* (Steev the Friction Wizurd )

Snotel (SNO-tel) - where Eskimos stay when they're on vacation. (Petra Pansky )

Cramper--a camper past its capacity (Katya the Poet )

Mobile Tome Park--where Books-on-Wheels lending libraries retire (Katya the Poet )

Ashprin- a pill you take to ease the pain of cancelled flights due to volcanic ash. (Mr. Chowda Head )

Interpolls – a secret police agency which captures criminals by cleverly having them answer innocent-looking online polls. eg: When is the last time you robbed a store? Never; Last month; Last week; I'm in the middle of robbing one now. (Petra Pansky )

Interpolly - Monitoring device for 24/7 distance communication with your parrot. (The *Star*ALL NEW*Star* High Definition version is just like being in the same cage. (deemac )

Hoyerrot - a boisterously slutty hirsute parrot. (The kind everyone likes to monitor with their interpollies.) (Steev the Friction Wizurd )

Dismumberment--accidentally or on purpose dismembering one's mum or mum-in-law (Katya the Poet )

slumslaw -- healthy salad made from the cabbage leaves that fall off the produce trucks entering and leaving the farmer's market (Steev the Friction Wizurd )

Beckish- Extremely pompous for no apparent reason whilst having the communications skills of roadkill.(see Glenn Beck, and David Beckham) (Mr. Chowda Head )

Gagsicle – An icecream treat which is specifically used to quiet hecklers in the peanut gallery. (Petra Pansky )

Friling - once thought to be a combination of frowning and smiling, it's actually a tiny piece of cooked stuff left floating in the grease after you fry some food. (Steev the Friction Wizurd )

Smoaning--Smiling while moaning, as when a joke is really bad (a smoaner but not quite a groaner) or when eating ice cream off somebody's body (Katya the Poet )

Cone-ibal : A person who eats ice-cream off somebody's body (deemac )

Coughetish - When someone who previously had a cold and coughed wants to garner some sympathy by continuing to cough. (CopyPaper )

licklish - being ticklish, but only if the tickling is done by someone licking ice cream off your body (deemac )

fatiglet--sniglet written under the influence of fatigue (Katya the Poet )

margaritapita--tequila and avocado sandwich, with a twist of lime (Katya the Poet )

bummus--what you say when you run out of hummus (Katya the Poet )

Meloncollie - a genetically engineered border collie with a watermelon-shaped head, which acts as protection (much like a football helmet) from the inevitable sheep attacks. (Petra Pansky )

Meloncoli - Getting E Coli from eating a tainted melon. (Ravenwand, Rising Star! )

Melanccoli--Sadness induced by being forced to eat your broccoli (Katya the Poet )

Mulancollie: The character that was eliminated from the Disney movie Mulan, because he was deemed unnecessary. (Ravenwand, Rising Star! )

Melanomacollie - why you should never give your Collie a buzz cut in the summertime (Steev the Friction Wizurd )

Mealandcollie - what you might get at a Korean restaurant. (CopyPaper )

Spucoli--A bacterial infection (not a virus) spread by computer screens that have been spewed on due to laughter (Katya the Poet )

Spucolic--Adjective describing the idealized condition achieved when you move to the country attempting to escape technological hazards like spucoli, spumoni, and spumaoney (and the people who create them) only to discover you miss them (Katya the Poet )

Spucous - stuff that ends up on your monitor if you sneeze and laugh at the same time (Steev the Friction Wizurd )

Spuul--Long thin, threadlike dribble of spew/drool hanging from lower lip, that can actually be wound around finger, after a major spewing session (Katya the Poet )

Sporn: SPAM pornography ... Then he slowly opened the can and held it out for her to see as the greasy meat slid out onto the plate. She gasped. "Is that low-sodium?" He licked the Spam grease off his finger and winked at her. "Yea, baby." (Steev the Friction Wizurd )

SPlease: Please. I think you already know what SPlease is. Also spelled as SPleaze. But not by the SPolice. Who take it very, very SPeriously. (Katya the Poet )

Darnut!: An expletive on those mornings when a police officer rises too late for the first morning donut. (Katya the Poet )

D'ohnut: obviously a chewy breakfast treat eaten by a Simpson character. (CopyPaper )

Duhnyet? ... Common pre-dinner interrogative. "Is it duhnyet?" (Steev the Friction Wizurd )

Propagander: A device, invented by Ron Popiel, that is sort of like a kickstand for aging male ducks who have difficulty staying on their feet. (Ravenwand, Rising Star! )

X-Party: Where the ex-husbands and ex-wives gather to see if they are compatible with each other. Hell, they aren’t wanted by their ex-es any more... (CopyPaper )

Y-Party--Thrown by teetotalers (Katya the Poet )

Old chessnut: That guy that keeps making enthusiastic but unfunny chess jokes (Katya the Poet )

Jestnut -- someone who collects jokes, even unfunny ones made by old chessnuts. (Steev the Friction Wizurd )

Pilotease:what the pilot does for the flight attendant when he wants her (kattwoman )

deemac: A raincoat for people whose first name is Dee. (CopyPaper )

Meanease--Language in which one can mean what one says with ease, without being mean (involves winking emoticon) (Katya the Poet )

ToeJam-what it is called when a woman crams her feet in a too small pair of shoes (kattwoman )

Roamantic--Said of a guy who goes cruising for romance (Katya the Poet )

Simantic - A romantic situation between Sims characters. (Ravenwand, Rising Star! )

Simantics--Quibbles about language and meaning between intellectual Sims characters, often when disguising their simantic feelings for one another (Katya the Poet )

Simianne - A female Sims character, closely resembling a primate. (Ravenwand, Rising Star! )

Crapple Sauce... Crappy apple sauce... I just had some *Sick* (Ravenwand, Rising Star! )

Crapple Brown Betty--you don't want to know (Katya the Poet )

Scorpulate: The same thing, except with diet pop. (Ravenwand, Rising Star! )

Plyfurcate - when the bottom layer of a multi-ply bathroom tissue unrolls with the top layer beneath. (Rizzo )

Bonarrow-Bow and Arrow (Reine Renault )

Sniggle - Not quite a snigger, not quite a giggle, more of a ... well, I guess more the kind of noise you make when you read a sniglet. (deemac )

Snigglet - the kind of noise you make when you read a sniglet that isn't all that funny, eg this one. (deemac )

Snigglette - As above, except you're from France. (deemac )

Zhnorre--You're from France and reading a really boring sniglet (Katya the Poet )

Zzzzzzzniglet - a really, REALLY boring sniglet. (deemac )

Zzzznap -- the sound of a neckbone after a sudden nap (Katya the Poet )

Flocket - the grey fluff that finds its way from heaven-knows-where into the deepest recesses of your pants pocket and completely ruins your saved bits of half-chewed gum. (Hence the expletive "Flocket!" often heard when discovered by the victim.) (deemac )

Spooket--a make-your-own-ghost kit that fits in a pocket, just in time for Halloween! (Katya the Poet )

Dadpole - A frog who's just become a father. (deemac )

Sadpole--An erection that just lost it. (Katya the Poet )

Durpftt - the word for the sound you make when you put your shorts on backwards and inside out. (technospunky )

Schlurpftt - As above + wet. (deemac )

Yomometer--A device for measuring the inappropriateness of mother jokes (Katya the Poet )

Slimmerick - A Limerick with only 4 lines (deemac )

An octomist - A man with 8 wives (deemac )

Fullanthropist - Someone who has already donated enough. (☮ The Grum Of Grums )

Philanthropissed - Someone who only donates when he's drunk (deemac )

Derstandable - Something so totally obscure and unknown that nobody has any idea of what's going on. (☮ The Grum Of Grums )

Thrumb - the sensation caused when you hit your thumb with a hammer. (☮ The Grum Of Grums )

Exicon--A guy that got out of prison by forging the papers and changing one letter of his name to avoid detection (Katya the Poet )

Strumb - to play the guitar with your thumb (deemac )

To bumblegrumb - to type your Username using only your thumb (deemac )

Stelsing - making anagrams of sniglets, an alternative In&Out for people who can't think of a sniglet (deemac )

Diemac - an insult or challenge to a controversial snigletist. (☮ The Grum Of Grums )

Outsult - The Insult that was at the top of this Sniglet list just before I posted this one. (deemac )

Snigletism- the magnetism that keeps bringing folk back to this In&Out (deemac )

Fiftitude - for when you need your courage and endurance to be ten points higher than normal. (☮ The Grum Of Grums )

Engauged - when you start weighing up whether to go through with the marriage (☮ The Grum Of Grums )

Turpsitude - depraved behaviour caused by drinking too much (☮ The Grum Of Grums )

kitdiddlebobs--a word you use when you are in a hurry your memory fails to name the thing you are asking for and you need it quick. Ususally used with your hand waving at the thingy and panic tone in your voice! (eyestar~* )

Thatsfine - Penalty one pays in any transaction where a loss is incurred in order to preserve the relationship (Rizzo )

Spimple (vb) An easy way of getting rid of zits. (☮ The Grum Of Grums )

Snought--the clear stuff that appears on your hankie when you sneeze but your cold ought to be gone by now. (Katya the Poet )

Antistitute - A nun (think about it *Wink* ) (☮ The Grum Of Grums )

Sproot - what seeds do when you plant them in spring (Teerich - 2019 )

Kenneletto - Venetian painter who set up his studio in a converted doghouse (deemac )

Protemplate - to not give any consideration to a future course of action. (☮ The Grum Of Grums )

Spanindex -- A method of gauging how silly you look when you put on your spandex workout shorts. (Indelible Ink )

Antifound - Dumb, stupid, unimportant - ref "profound" (☮ The Grum Of Grums )

Ro.dee.ent - a species of rodent found exclusively at rodeos. (Petra Pansky )

Faceback--the era before Facebook (Katya the Poet )

Oxsnigler - one who must come up for air from time to time and lay a big, bad sniglet. The longer one has been away the badder the sniglet! *Smile* (Petra Pansky )

Twerpsichore - dancing by fools (☮ The Grum Of Grums )

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