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Nice cricket image. Really, cricket. Don't get mad.
Once in a while we must make a statement, yes? Yesterday, I took my almost ten year old to the barber to get his hair cut and somehow I get stuck sitting there with a cutesy stuffed animal, a duck no less, and I thought this wasn't so bad. It gave me the opportunity to view these people as they react to cutesy stimuli. Of course, I get to bask in the attention! Interestingly, one of the ladies was an Amazonian sized woman. Uhm, not that I know what such a thing is, but it sounded cool, right? She had blond hair and stood half a head taller than me. Also, she had her lip pierced with a large silver pearl-like ball and another piercing further into her cheek. Ouch! Very interesting people, indeed...I wasn't so scared. I wasn't!
Nice cricket image.  Really, cricket.  Don't get mad.
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