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The title came to me as an inspiration to myself and others.

Without any inclination of trouble,
Wandering bubbles float around sometimes
In doubles.

Stating playfully that the show must
Go on, wandering bubbles will make
Somebody happy. Making someone
Laugh gives you a tingling sensation
Inside of your body. Since laughter
Is good for the soul, this is perfectly
Okay without any room for defeat; It
Makes you feel whole and complete.

Rest assured, when you've been
Defeated, you're very much needed.

Wandering bubbles get rid of the rubble.
They will go slick and fast; where they
Stop, no one knows. They will help you
Grow, but one thing is for certain; they
Will take you to the top, and then they
Will pop.

Wandering bubbles make you strong,
And with practice, you can sing your

Wandering bubbles seem lighter; they
Make your day a whole lot brighter, by
Inspiring you to become a writer.

Written By Anna Marie Carlson
Saturday, June 22, 2019
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