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Comic Book Girls fulfill your foot fetish fantasies

Comic Book Girls fulfill your foot fetish fantasies

This is an interactive story. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Fulfill your foot fetish fantasies involving the Comic book girl's beautiful feet:

Almost any type of comic book female foot related story is welcomed here:

Just a couple of Rules:
Please No Graphic Sexual Content and as the title suggests, only Women get to go barefoot in this story.
This story is told in the 2nd person i.e. You tickle Supergirl's feet.
That's it!! Have Fun Everyone!!

Also visit my web blog at http://www.animefeet.blogspot.com for more.

Updates: 6/7/2011 Hi guys...Thanks very much for visiting and adding to the story and helping it to grow. *Bigsmile* I'm currently in the process of giving the interactive a major overhaul adding in new characters, storylines, some new chapters and a couple of other surprises. I may do some minor editing a couple of the older chapters as well just to tweak them. Anyway check the story frequently over the next couple of weeks...there should be some good stuff. *Bigsmile*

6/25/2011 Inspired by the Playstation Network, I decided to add in a few hidden trophies into the interactive for accomplishing certain tasks...Can you find all 5?

7/28/2011 Added an additional 5 trophies bringing the total up to 10...Think you have the skills to find them all?

1/29/2020 As an added extra... a new Trinket has been hidden somewhere in this interactive. *Bigsmile*

2/17/2020 An additional 5 trinkets have been added to the interactive. Happy Hunting!!

2/29/2020 One more new Trinket has been released bringing the total available to 7. Good luck collecting all of them. *Smile*

3/28/2020 Thanks to a special Stay at Home Weekend Trinket discount. I was able to add 3 new Trinkets to this Interactive bringing the total up to 10. The game is a-foot and it will take some impressive Detective work to get the complete set. *Delight*

9/6/2020 A special Thank You to Clear Diamond for adding a new Bonus Trinket bringing the total number of trinkets available in this interactive to 11.

11/27/2020 A new Trinket added this afternoon brings up the Hidden Trinket count in this Interactive to 12. *Smile*

11/28/2021 With 2 new Trinkets in the mix. It is now possible to find 14 Trinkets within this story. *Smile*

12/31/2022 One new trinket has been added bringing the grand total number of trinkets hidden in this story up to 15!!!

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