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Jay get injected with a serum that gives him body possession powers mind control,and more!

Jay get injected with a serum that gives him body possession powers mind control,and more!

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The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Welcome to the sequel to the popular interactive story "Fun With Possession".

This story has over 80,000 views! Thank you!

Here's a link to the first one that started it all! Check it out and add chapters if you wish. Be apart of the story! Fun With Possession:

"Fun With Possession"

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The plot:

In this story you are Jay Leroy.

"Fun With Possession" story arc

A few years ago a mysterious incident unfolded. A mysterious Chinese merchant opened a shop and sold magic like pills to a teenager named Jay who has temporary gained body possession powers for a few days thanks to the pills before he lost the power. In the time he had his powers he caused chaos a huge amount of chaos as he used his power for his own personal desires and gain. When the teen returned to the shop it was gone along with the merchant.

2 years after the incident, the same teenager meets up with the mysterious merchant once again, this time he offers him another gift. He then injections him with a mysterious serum into him which gives him permanent body possession powers and more.

He can now turn into ghost form at will and can possess anybody's body and he has the power to control other people's bodies to do want he wants,he can chose if the person is still aware of what they are doing when he controls them or not. He can control the person's soul and therefore control their minds. He can make them robotic-like or act like themselves under Jay's control. He can read minds and use ESP to move things with his mind. He can also take souls out of people's body and put them in others bodies or destroy them. He can turn soul less bodies into his mind slaves.

With Jay's new found powers comes a whole new adventure.
Follow Jay in his adventure to cause chaos once again with his new found powers and get even closer to his classmates and friends. What will he get himself into? You control what happens.

The rules and facts:

Jay can not die in the story.
No ending the story. So try and have him in a adventure.
Anything with sex is fine.
Try and use good spelling.
No making Jay gay as he isn't, if you want to make gay characters in the story, feel free to, but for the most part this is a story about Jay.
Jay can only possess one person at a time!
No adding new powers without emailing me about it.
Have fun viewing and adding chapters!

Feel free to email me about the story.

Please add some chapters to grow the story!

With that, let the chaos, err fun begin!
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