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by Seuzz
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A secret society of magicians fights evil--and sometimes each other.

A secret society of magicians fights evil--and sometimes each other.

This is an interactive story. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
This is the sequel to "The Book of Masks, another interactive story on this site.

Years have passed since Will Prescott, a high school senior, found an old tome that showed how to create magical disguises.

His life is now entangled with the Stellae Errantes, a centuries-old society of magicians dedicated to battling the darker occult and supernatural forces. This interactive collects stories about his life in that future. These are all possible futures to the events in "The Book of Masks."

1. The stories here exist in continuity with "The Book of Masks," but because the stories in that interactive evolve in different ways, the stories here need only be consistent with a SINGLE branch in "The Book of Masks." Some branches in "The Book of Masks" hook directly onto stories in this interactive, but not every story in this interactive must have such a hook. Still, it is a good idea to identify a branch in "The Book of Masks" that would lead to its continuation in this interactive, and the story in this interactive should be consistent with its prequel branch in "The Book of Masks."

2. "The Wandering Stars" contains multiple and jointly inconsistent stories, but each story must be internally consistent. This means that each branch in a particular story should be consistent with the chapters that came before. Any facts established as true in early chapters of a story here should remain true in later chapters, unless the facts themselves change in the course of the story. There should also be strong continuity among the branches of a single story. To understand the reality that governs a particular story, you should consult the parent branch in "The Book of Masks."

3. The stories must be internally consistent, but the various stories need not be consistent with each other. The interactive opens with a number of choices to position the basic facts for a story; the actual stories do not start until chapter 5. If starting a new story, make sure you place it in the correct classification. Note that Will Prescott need not be the "you" of a story; you can choose another character by using the "Other (specify)" slot to identify the main character. Of course, the "Other (specify)" may also be Will Prescott, if the "Will Prescott" slot is already taken in that position, and your story would still use him as the main character.

4. I reserve the right to edit chapters for grammar, spelling, format, and other technical issues. I will try to avoid making substantive changes to other writers' additions, but I do reserve the right to make edits to or deletions of chapters that violate continuity or the rules too radically.

5. There are no content or rating restrictions; I have purposefully added "Erotica" as a genre and rated the overall story 18+ to signal these relaxed restrictions. Still, try to remember that this is a story and not just an opportunity for pornography or fetish fiction.
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