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Noticing Newbies: November 25, 2020 Issue [#10446]

 This week: What is Community Recognition?
  Edited by: Emily
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2. A Word from our Sponsor
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About This Newsletter

Hi there! I'm Emily *Beach*

This is my very first newsletter, how exciting! *Heartt* When I first joined Writing.Com over 8 years ago, I spend days and days exploring every nook and cranny, but still, some things were just ... confusing! One of those things that mystified me as a Newbie was Community Recognition. What is it and how does one go about earning it? If you're as confused as I was, this newsletter should help clear everything up!

Oh, and as this is my first time writing a WDC Newsletter, I would very much appreciate any comments or feedback you have! Do you have any suggestions for topics of future Noticing Newbies Newsletters? I'd love to hear from you! Send me a note in the "Ask & Answer" section down below. *Delight*

Word from our sponsor

Letter from the editor

Community Recognition (also known as CR) is a common phrase you'll hear around the halls of Writing.Com, but what exactly is it, and how does one go about earning it?

In essence, Community Recognition is a measure of how active a member is in the Writing.Com community. It is displayed as a little number after your handle. For example *Right* Emily . As you become engaged in WDC, your number will go up! If you click on your own Community Recognition number, it will bring up a window where you can see how yours is calculated. Read on to learn more about the variety of ways you can earn Community Recognition, including how to claim the Achievements you've probably already earned!

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Referred Members
Referring new members to Writing.Com is one easy way to support our online home! Through referrals, we are able to grow our community and bring more creative minds to read, rate, and review on WDC. Members who use valid referral links to refer new members are recognized with a Community Recognition point for ever new member who signs up and maintains their membership. You can read more about this system and how to find your referral link here: "Referred Member Tracking

Review Recognition
Sending reviews is also a great way to earn Community Recognition, not to mention engage with and support your fellow writers! Reviewing truly is the backbone of WDC, so it is clear why sending reviews is rewarded with Community Recognition. For every 100 reviews you send, you will earn 1 Community Recognition point! Check how many reviews you've given in the Community tab of your Portfolio under "Member Activity." How close are you to earning your first (or next!) Review Recognition?

As an added bonus, Writing.Com staff also send "Reviewing" Merit Badges to the top 100 Most Credited Reviewers   every month! Are you on the list?

Qualified Merit Badges
Merit Badges are virtual symbols of recognition sent from one member to another. There are so many to choose from! Browse the full collection here: Merit Badges  . Each one costs 10,000 GPs to send, but one of the additional perks of being a paid member here is that you get to send one Merit Badge for free every month! Don't forget to use that opportunity to recognize authors you admire or who've helped you along your journey. Each Merit Badge you receive earns you one Community Recognition point.

A Note about "Qualified"
To ensure that a member's Community Recognition is representative of a diverse cross-section of members and engagement in the WDC community, only one Merit Badge given to you by the same member within a 14 day period will qualify for Community Recognition. This same 14 day rule applies to Awardicons as well. When preparing to gift a Merit Badge or Awardicon, and a red warning pops up before you confirm the purchase, this means that the Merit Badge or Awardicon you are about to give will not count toward the member's Community Recognition. Keep this in mind when sending Merit Badges and Awardicons to others as well!

Qualified Awardicons
Awardicons are virtual ribbons, trophies, and plaques awarded to items within a member's portfolio. Again, there are many designs to choose from and a wide range of GP cost as well from 10,000 GPs all the way up to 500,000 GPs. Here is the full Awardicon Shop: Awardicons  . You're bound to see Awardicons hanging proudly on all item types throughout Writing.Com - maybe you even have some in your own Portfolio! Each Awardicon you earn adds one Community Recognition point to your total.

A Note
If your Community Recognition doesn't show up right away when you receive a new qualified Merit Badge or Awardicon, don't panic! Sometimes it can take up to an hour for the system to update and refresh the information. Be patient, and your recognition will come. *Heartt*

Bonus Recognition
Bonus recognition is awarded based on years of membership on WDC as well as promotion status. For each year you're a member on WDC, 5 Bonus Recognitions are added to your Community Recognition total! And when you post your first item, you receive 1 bonus recognition for becoming a Registered Author.

Achievement Badges
Have you created your first item? Favorited your first author? Completed your BioBlock? Sent your first review? If you have, you've already earned Achievement Badges that are just waiting for you to claim! Unlike normal Merit Badges, these need to be claimed manually, but each one counts toward your Community Recognition! Take a second to check your Achievements by clicking on My Account then on *Badge* Achievements. On that page, you'll see all the achievements you've earned already as well as the ones you're working toward. After visiting that page, check your email for a special delivery! *Wink* Learn more about Achievements here: "Noticing Newbies Newsletter (October 9, 2019)

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Remember that when it comes to earning Community Recognition, it's all about being involved in the community - the more you review and encourage other members, enter contests, and post in forums and on the Newsfeed, the more likely you are to be recognized by other members for your efforts. Being generous and helpful to others is a great way to put yourself out there! But remember that no one is obligated to reward you with a Merit Badge just because you asked for one. *Wink*

If you're eager to learn more, check out the "Community Recognition page from "Writing.Com 101

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