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by spidey
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Would you give the gift of life?
Poll Question:
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It's a simple question, but it's not so easy to answer. Becoming an organ donor is a complex and personal decision.

Please read "Invalid Item

Then answer this question: Are you an organ donor?

The first choice is a simple, Yes, I am an organ donor.

The other answers are reasons you may not be one. I'm very interested in individual reasons. I will NOT judge anyone for their reason. (In fact, I won't know your vote unless you specifically tell me, so feel free to be perfectly honest!)

If your answer isn't here, please email me.

Poll Options:
      Yes, I'm a registered organ donor.
      I fear for my safety if I'm ever hospitalized.
      I don't think recipients deserve another chance.
      Religious reasons.
      I wouldn't be eligible anyway.
      Other reason - please email
      I'm undecided.
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