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by ruwth
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I didn't know what they looked like from the inside and so created this one.
Poll Question:
Thank you for visiting my poll.

Joy has some beautiful trinkets displaying her own photography. They are limited editions but today there are a lot of copies still available. For your viewing pleasure, I have some randomly rotating here. I also included Sunny 's very first trinket creation in the mix. *Smile*

There are a total of four trinkets randomly rotating here each time you view or refresh this page. They all should be collectible here if you don't have them yet. You can drop both me and the trinket creator a note if you do collect them here. We'd love to hear from you. *Smile*

Now on to my poll:

I have participated in polls but I have not had one of my own before. I have created this item to change that and to see a poll from the pov of owner. Well, now I know, if you participate in your own poll, all you'll see are the results. You can no longer see the actual poll.

Here is my question:

Do you understand how polls work on WDC and what the poll-owner gets to see?

Poll Options:
      I have at least one poll in my port.
      I have had at least one poll in my port in the past.
      I have never had a poll in my port.
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