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A poll to drum up info about how in tune WDC'ers are with musical instruments.
Poll Question:
Do / Did you play a musical instrument? Inspired by Louis Armstrong and others, I played the trumpet in junior and senior high school. I took on the baritone saxophone my senior year, just for fun, and taught myself to play parts of a few tunes on the piano. A well-played instrument can tug at your heartstrings and evoke memories both good and bad.

The question before you today is: What is your favorite musical instrument? Is it one you used to play? Is your fondness for it based on a particular piece, more associated with a band, or generally present within a certain style of music?

However you decide, please vote for one of the options listed below. If your favorite isn't listed—a distinct possibility, given the number of instruments out there, both traditional and unusual—just select "Other"; if you'd like, you can drop me an email telling me what it is and, if you wish, why it sets your toes to tappin'. *BigSmile*

Poll Options:
      Trumpet (all types)
      Saxophone (all types)
      Clarinet (all types)
      Flute (all types, including piccolo)
      Percussion (all types of drums, piano, cymbals, tambourine, bells, etc.)
      Oboe (all types)
      Bassoon (all types)
      Guitar (all types)
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