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by spidey
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Do you love commas, or are you afraid of them?
Poll Question:
I'm reading Eats, Shoots & Leaves by Lynne Truss. I'm incredibly interested in punctuation and its usage, and I have a question.

In her book, Lynne Truss uses an example of the humorist James Thurber and his editor Harold Ross.

Ross was comma crazy, while Thurber "saw commas as so many upturned office chairs unhelpfully hurled down the wide-open corridor of readability."

Examples: (Examples taken from Truss's book)

Ross would write, "red, white, and blue"

while Thurber would write, "red white and blue"


Ross: "After dinner, the men went into the living room"

Thurber: "After dinner the men went into the living room"

So, which are you?

(I'm purposefully not creating a "somewhere in between" category, because I think most people will pick it. I want you to pick which side you are more like. It doesn't mean you're exactly like that one.)
Poll Options:
      Ross - Commaphiliac
      Thurber - Commaphobic
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