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Rated: XGC · Folder · Other · #1079484
Erotica and darker pieces
Forays into Erotica and the darker side of life
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    Rated: GC · Erotica · #2245708
    A banker delivers some unusual loan terms
    Rated: XGC · Erotica · #2120550
    A couple tests the boundaries of the relationship by visiting a taboo club.
    Rated: GC · Dark · #1991396
    sometimes what we most long for will be our undoing.
    Rated: XGC · Adult · #1948673
    an obsession leads a woman to an unusual encounter. SM Contest Round 17 winner.
    Rated: GC · Adult · #1947616
    one woman's addiction to the affections of another. Weekly Quickie winner round 77
    Rated: XGC · Erotica · #1899449
    a couple explores their vineyard in the rain. Placed 1st in the Sensual Moments Bi-weekly
    Rated: GC · Adult · #1880783
    an seasonal worker reflects on her horrible job working for a terrible Santa
    Rated: · Adult · #1794394
    revamped and reworked for the Sensual Moments Contest, Round 4
    Rated: XGC · Adult · #1792594
    Written for the Sensual Moments II Weekly Contest - Round Three
    Rated: GC · Erotica · #1676554
    a woman remembers a chance encounter that changed her life. Written for UEN Spring Fling
    Rated: XGC · Erotica · #1572328
    a couple seeks adventure at a taboo swinger club. UEN weekly challenge.
    Rated: XGC · Adult · #1554793
    Written for the UEN third anniversary contest; trios, threesomes and leather prompt.
    Rated: XGC · Dark · #1550507
    Published in Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine July 2013 edition.
    Rated: XGC · Adult · #1109895
    When sex becomes something more. severe. not for everyone
    Rated: XGC · Adult · #867774
    Being alone may not be a bad thing..Please r/r/r
    Rated: 18+ · Adult · #854155
    A mildly erotic piece of prose inspired by the beautiful black sands of Hawaii
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