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Hi! Welcome to my Port. I am a Grandma living in the UK *CountryGB* and write Poetry about Nature, Music, Spirituality and Animals. I also write poems for Children, especially my two Grandchildren, Jessica and Kieran. Some of my poems have been published in Anthologies by http://www.forwardpoetry.co.uk.
A love song for my widowed Son-in-Law and his Wife, also widowed, on their Wedding.
Rated: E
~182 Words
Romance/Love, Emotional, Family
Type: Lyrics
Updated about a year ago
A tribute folder for my daughter Lucy who died from cancer April 2013 aged 30.
Rated: E
3 Items
Tribute, Personal, Inspirational
Type: Folder
Updated 6 years ago
Lucy's Anniversary 2nd April. All I remember is the chill, the Snowflake and the Daffodil.
Rated: ASR
~173 Words
Emotional, Experience, Tribute
Type: Poetry
Updated 2 years ago
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