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"I love to write Anything". Mostly, however, I write in the Horror/Sci-fi/Dark/Fantasy genres and love to run contests in Sci-fi and Horror. *Check* Check out: "Ironic Despair, "The Cube (Published) Please also check out a couple of my favorite's: Luckie 🍀 and EarlyHours-A Vigilante Ranger I Am Proud to be part of "Vigilante Angel Ranger Team
Everyone's journey is remarkable, even if you're stranded.
Rated: 13+
~505 Words
*Dollar* 300 GPs per review
Supernatural, Folklore, Fantasy
Type: Fiction
Updated 11 years ago
What happens when a discovery goes wrong?(Published)
Rated: 18+
~1,865 Words
*Dollar* 225 GPs per review
Horror/Scary, Thriller/Suspense
Type: Short Story
Updated 11 years ago
An alternate telling of the classic tale, Red Riding Hood.
Rated: GC
~2,296 Words
*Dollar* 248 GPs per review
Supernatural, Horror/Scary, Contest Entry
Type: Short Story
Updated 3 years ago
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