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Since February 15, 2003
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I'm a full-time film/television industry professional who has been writing seriously for over thirty years and who has been a member of the Writing.com community for more than twenty. I like to write all kinds of things but especially screenplays, genre fiction, and nonfiction.
Please feel free to explore my portfolio; there are all kinds of things squirreled away in there! *Bigsmile* And if you're not sure where to start, I'd recommend the highlighted items below. *Down*
My currently active and most recent/notable items.
Rated: ASR
~234 Words
Writing.Com, Reference, Personal
Type: Other
Updated 3 months ago
All the writing I've added to my portfolio in 2024.
Rated: E
10 Items
Writing, Writing.Com, Other
Type: Folder
Updated 5 days ago
My primary Writing.com blog.
Rated: 18+
943 Entries
Biographical, Opinion, Personal
Type: Journal/Blog
Updated 7 days ago
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