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Writing is one of my passions. Finding time to write is challenging. MY BOOK IS PUBLISHED -- "Reflections on Life's Punches!" I will write a short story one day. Please stop by often and provide me with your thoughts. Be constructive, but don't attack. That frazzles me. It's good to find a place to call my own where I can just write. I approach life with zest and give back at least as much, if not more, than I get. I live in Maryland and served as Mayor in one of its greatest little cities for sixteen (16) years. Write on. WRITE ON!
Sometimes I believe we can learn from nature how much God valued us -- mankind!
Rated: E
~141 Words
Personal, Religious, Spiritual
Type: Non-fiction
Updated about a year ago
One could learn a lot from a homeless person especially if that person is you!
Rated: E
~705 Words
Educational, Community, Self Help
Type: Non-fiction
Updated 3 years ago
Being thankful even during hard times.
Rated: E
~233 Words
Spiritual, Religious, Personal
Type: Non-fiction
Updated about a year ago