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Hello, I am a 47 year old cancer survivor, I have a wonderful daughter of 27, and currently in an agonizing second marriage. Aphasia of Broca, was the gift of the three tumors. So what I loved to do beame apprenty a dead deal. Born in Quito, Ecuador to an Irish Mom from California and an Ecuadorian Dad, in NASA, tracking satellites from the Cotopaxi Volcano. I always wrote for myself, since I was 7 (crayon comics of some sort), out of heartbreak, solitude, and a life long strife with never fitting in. I have never published anything, though I've always said the moment I see my book for sale even if no one buys it, I´d die happy.
POEM on one sided love.
Rated: E
~210 Words
Relationship, Emotional, Tragedy
Type: Poetry
Updated 2 months ago
A poem written after the passing of my mother.
Rated: E
~784 Words
Emotional, Family, Tribute
Type: Poetry
Updated 10 months ago
Un lapso de razón en una relacion agonizante y poco correspondido.
Rated: E
~215 Words
Relationship, Romance/Love, Foreign
Type: Poetry
Updated about a year ago
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