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What is reality? Do we experience it, or create it? Or, in a universe of expansion and chaos, is it a canvas where we experience all possibilities of existence? Welcome to a place where you can explore the fragile state of reality. Where every thought, word, decision, and action are steps to break or create the nature of what is real. Where all things work together in the multidimensional flow of reality to make all things are possible.
A phoenix rises from the ashes! My WDC blog is BACK for random chattering!
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Personal, Writing, Biographical
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Cymone returns to her favorite place to ponder what has passed and what comes next.
Rated: 13+
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Supernatural, Women's, Death
Type: Short Story
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A Christmas ornament causes time to shift. (Planning to submit for 2024 holiday season.)
Rated: 13+
~3,043 Words
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Holiday, Paranormal, Death
Type: Short Story
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