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My name is Sharmelle Olson, from Michigan USA, I am glad you decided to stop by. I am a poetry writer and I have just begun to write my first short story. I have also been writing my own Quotes, so please grab a cup of coffee or a cup of tea or a cup of hot cocoa or hot chocolate and stay for a while to read some of my work. "Poetry Topic of the Month Contest~Closed [13+] "Sharmelle'sRecipeKitchenContest ~ Closed [E] "Sharmelle'sRecipe Kitchen GatheringPlace [E] "A Bible Study [ASR] "Sharmelle's Expressions Guestbook [E] "Sharmelle's Recipe Kitchen Cookbooks [E] "Sharmelle's Trinket Expressions [E] "Sharmelle's Special Image Expressions [E] "Christian Verses, During Tough Times!!! [E]
Welcome to Sharmelle's Recipe Kitchen Contest
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Win Exclusive MBs. It ends at midnight at the end of each month. Suggest the topic.
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Cruising WDC cyberspace and raiding ports for blog prompts!
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