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Since November 27, 2018
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2020 Quill Award nominee for Best Portfolio!   I spent twenty years writing maintenance manuals before retirement. Technical writing used up a lot of energy but didn't really satisfy the creative urge. Here, you'll find my poetry, stories, and jokes. The most recent work is in the main folder (eligible for the 2023 Quills). Older stuff is separated into books and folders. My work is usually born of strong feelings. I'm inspired by my love for my wife, my awe of natural wonders, and a disgust for venal politics. Some don't care for my political views, so I've separated those items into their own collection. Enter at your own risk!
players gotta play . . .
Rated: 18+
~330 Words
Erotica, Romance/Love, Comedy
Type: Poetry
Updated about a month ago
The first manned mission to interstellar space
Rated: 13+
~5,829 Words
Sci-fi, Drama, Scientific
Type: Fiction
Updated 3 months ago
The creative process
Rated: ASR
~212 Words
Comedy, Arts, Writing
Type: Poetry
Updated 2 months ago
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