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June 3 1989
Western New York, Just outside of Jamestown
About Me
I have two brothers, several step-sisters and one step-brother. Got my own place, though my mother lives here with me. She helps pay the bills, along with my step-father.
Type of Writer
Casual writer/Avid Reader
Writing Style
I got my own style
Reading Writing Playing games Being with friends
Favorite Link
Favorite Link
Favorite Link
Favorite Genres
Fantasy Sci-fi, and everything else
Favorite Books
Redwall Series, WarCraft Books, StarCraft Books, and a host of others.
Favorite Authors
I have so many I can't list them all, but some of them are fellow WDC members.
Favorite Poets
If I can understand it, I'll read it. Just don't ask me to write it. I'm a lousy poet, trust me.
Favorite Quote
I may be the BIG BAD WOLF, and howl at the moon every night, but I'm loyal to my friends-My own Quote
Favorite Music
Country, and plenty of it, and anything that has a country-twang
Favorite Movies
Tremors series, John Wayne movies, and many others
Favorite Shows
The Rifleman, Deadliest Warrior, The Walking Dead
This is a poem I just thought of today while sitting in the shade.
Rated: E
~107 Words
Experience, Emotional, Personal
Type: Poetry
Updated 13 years ago
A tale of survival on a strange world. Additions, Ratings, and Reviews Welcome
Rated: 18+
79 Chapters
Action/Adventure, Sci-fi, Fanfiction
Type: Interactive
Updated 13 years ago
1 human + a family of giant furs= big trouble
Rated: 18+
504 Chapters
Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Animal
Type: Interactive
Updated about a month ago
A tribute for my mother.
Rated: E
~101 Words
Emotional, Family, Personal
Type: Poetry
Updated 13 years ago
You are found by a dragon in the wilderness, and must obey it's every whim...
Rated: GC
706 Chapters
Fantasy, Erotica, Animal
Type: Interactive
Updated 7 months ago
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