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July 17 1992
About Me
🏞I'm a farm hand that's just trying to get through life one step at a time. But, if I find somebody needing help, I'll help them, even if it means I get hurt in the process, I'll help them.🏞
Type of Writer
📚A little bit of everything, but mostly drama and action. I just wanna try making things more interesting.📚
Writing Style
Anyway I can think of that works best for the story.
Reading📖, Jogging🏃, Gaming🎮, Dancing🕴, Writing📝, Building Gundam Models🛠, Cooking🍳
Favorite Link
Favorite Link
Favorite Genres
I'm not a fan of one genre, I'm just a fan of literature.📚
Favorite Books
Eragon, Maximum Ride, A Magic at Nighfall, Retribution (A Dark Hunter novel)
Favorite Authors
S.L. Cartel, Sherrilyn Kenyon, James Patterson, Christopher Paolini
Favorite Poets
Favorite Quote
To me, writing is fun. It doesn't matter what your writing, as long as you can tell a story. -Stan Lee
Favorite Music
Country🎵, Rock🎸, Jazz🎺
Favorite Movies
Pacific Rim, Digimon:The movie, Jackie Chan: Project A, Zootopia, Real Steel, Fast and Furious Saga, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Favorite Shows
Digimon, Pokemon, Swat Kats, Tom and Jerry, Looney Toons, Avatar: The last Air Bender, Glitch Techs, Action Man, Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation, Loonatics Unleashed, Tenchi Muyo Series, Trigun
Alien furries have come to Earth to take you with them. What adventures await you?
Rated: 18+
107 Chapters
Sci-fi, Animal, Adult
Type: Interactive
Updated 4 months ago
Rouge is about to find out what it truly means to live the good life she's always wanted.
Rated: 18+
10 Chapters
Adult, Other
Type: Interactive
Updated about a year ago
a furry based crime/gangster interactive
Rated: GC
16 Chapters
Crime/Gangster, Animal, Adult
Type: Interactive
Updated 3 months ago
You wander into an ancient forrest that is inhabited by Furries.
Rated: GC
61 Chapters
Erotica, Animal, Adult
Type: Interactive
Updated about a month ago
Erotic tales with furries and humans!
Rated: GC
42 Chapters
Animal, Adult, Erotica
Type: Interactive
Updated 9 days ago
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