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Nowadays mobile phones are incredibly prevalent worldwide. One consequence of this is the demise of their ancestors, the phone box. Time was when every public space would have at least one box, often there would be clusters of them.

So what? I hear you say (Probably tj ~ HiLo Silver - Away! because he's a good friend I can rely on to ask the necessary questions, (Usually "Are you SURE this is a good idea!)

Well there is a problem that a lack of phone boxes brings about, and it is actually quite a big one.

Where can Clark Kent now change conveniently into Superman?

Following the unfortunate "Superhero accidentally flashes grandma" incident, (Quote from grandma Mrs. Elsie Biggleswick, "...it is actually quite a big one!") there have been some quite high level meetings to discuss possible solutions.

Speaking from his private jet, the President said, "We have tried placing dedicated 'Superhero Changing Booths in strategic positions around the country, and following requestions from Wonder Woman, Batgirl and Robin, now provide 'His and Hers' booths. This has proved moderately successful, except that in one city, officials found a family of four living in a booth and operating a small business selling Street foods from the adjacent one. One member of the family who witnessed a superhero change was quoted as saying, "...it is actually quite a big one!""
Joey's So Hot He's Melting - Are you saying Clark Kent finally came out of the closet in the 80's? *Laugh* On the other hand, someone being gay doesn't mean they're non-binary and can therefore go in either "locker room" as you put it–they're more likely to be allowed in neither option and be beaten to a pulp for trying, so I'm not sure why you put suggestion that out there so freely. I do suggest gender neutral changing booths/rooms/etc. as they'd make much more sense than his/hers for superheroes who require a change of clothes before they can take action. *Wink*
buddhangela's trying it all on - buddhangela's trying it all on -
Sorry, I didn't provide all the info about the trouble with us old guys. We tend to come up short when the subject is a minor distraction in our daily lives.

It seems the new super guy is Bisexual. He goes both ways... since new-gen Zs and Ps understand his superpowers, including Xray vision, he doesn't need to go in either locker room to be a voyeur. His concern isn't about anonymity. He needs a locker to stash his $120 shirt and $600 shoes.

Joey's So Hot He's Melting - Thanks for clarifying! I’ve been avoiding news about the Universes (ours included) for the past few years to retain what little remains of my sanity. Instead, I continue to display my ignorance brilliantly! *Delight* *Peace*
I've been reading a horror story in Braille...

Something bad is about to happen...

I can just feel it!

(Stolen from my favourite blog)
You sure it's braille and not Morse code? *Geek* Dot-Dot-Dash-Dot-Hyphen-Dash-Dash-Dot-Dot-Dot. *Whistle*
TheBusmanPoet - That's the long and the short of it.
I wrote a Braille joke here, but it is so XGC I deleted it.

However, be aware, I am now laughing.
Today I was suggesting to my work colleague that she should base the magician in the story she is currently writing on an older man, you know someone wise, smart, handsome (though balding), a little eccentric....

She eyed me narrowly and said, "A little?"

At least she didn't disagree with the rest of my description! *Laugh*
Thank you for the compliment. You just describe me with my long wizards beard too boot. *Cool*
Honour to whom Honour is due, Young Man.*BigSmile* (Note the Brit spelling?*Angelic*)
I'm six feet tall so I doubt I could ever be labeled "a little eccentric".
It is likely that there will soon be a new merit badge on the block....

These will be available at hugely inflated prices via my usual highly dubious web links that don't work. Please don't fall for them.. again!

Don't be surprised to learn that there is a theme going here. A certain Highly Secret Organisation is on a mission to take over our holidays!!

PS - The merit badges WILL NOT be sold except via the official WDC shop - the above is a joke, but I do not want anyone imagining otherwise.

PPS - HUGE thanks to Amethyst Angel🌊🌿🌞 for creating the graphic to (hopefully) be used for the new badge.
But – bloody heck! – hose non-functioning links come across as so REALISTIC!*Shock2*


Says the woman who has such knowledge of botanics that she watered the textile flowers of her mother's as well as a kid.*Rolling*

Looking forward to the new MB.*ThumbsUpGreen* Let's see what Amethyst Angel🌊🌿🌞 and you cooked up.*Hug1**Smile**Hug2*
Elycia Lee ☮ - More Brian Wilson - you'll see why in time!
OoooOoo! I'm flabbergasted and elated.*Ghost* *StarfishY* *Ha*
Are you able to listen and not boogie... even a little?

Very disrespectful of the lyrics. They needed to choose other lyrics to match their style of playing. It's like reading a poem of Emily Dickinson as fast as one can without taking a breath. Or presenting The Gettysburg Address as a comedy skit. 4.5 for the music (it has a nice beat) but 1.5 overall due to utter disrespect. To me, this helps explain why Europeans go into a church (like Santiago de Compostela) during mass with a flash camera or tourists taking selfies in the lap of Buddha. Yes, I'm in a pissy mood today. So, I give it an angry face.
I personally prefer the Caligula version
Does tapping one foot on the upbeat count?
have a great anniversary.
Happy WdC anniversary, doctor
Some very kind and wonderful friend has just given me a huge amount of Gift Points. (Thank you Schnujo's in the Falklands ).

I feel another merit badge commission coming on.

How do you feel about a beach groundhog with shades?
s - And a HALF?!? I knew there were places that did strange stuff like that, but I thought they were mostly weird, out of the way places. *Laugh*
Schnujo's in the Falklands - Yeah, I live in a weird out of the way place. So, as I type this, it's 5:34pm Saturday WdC time and 7am Sunday my time.
s - No way I'd ever get things turned in here on time if I was in your time zone! *Laugh* Well, if I'm ahead, that would help, I guess. I think most of the world is ahead of the US. I was looking at going to Malta, but am now having second thoughts when I realized my classes would be online at midnight to 3 am. *Yikes*
Happy WDC anniversary. You keep things lively here.
A Huge Thank You To EVERYONE who helped make my 3rd WDC Anniversary special.

Thank you so much for the notes, emails, merit badges and reviews, all very much appreciated.

Anyone who hasn't had a free merit badge from me to celebrate and would like one, please let me know.


(I am working through thanking each of you personally, it may take some time, so please bear with me.)
Amethyst Angel🌊🌿🌞 - That one's SO cute*StarStruck* Oh, and you're right.*Angelic*
What a neat thing to do!

Happy Third WDC Anniversary, Adherennium Dr of Phoolishness ! *Heart*

*BalloonV* *BalloonP* HAPPY ACCOUNT *BalloonP* *BalloonV*
*BalloonP* *BalloonV* ANNIVERSARY *BalloonV* *BalloonP*
*BalloonV* *BalloonP* *BalloonV* Adherennium! *BalloonV* *BalloonP* *BalloonV*
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*BalloonB* *Quill* *Balloonr* Happy 3rd WdC Anniversary! *Balloonr* *Quill* *BalloonB*
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Happy 3rd Anniversary!!!
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