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I finished a new story. I want to submit it but I reached my limit. I attempted to put it into the book-entry; this didn't work for me. I followed the directions to put four original entries that I have submitted into the book but could not locate them.
Moon Identity Switch-A-Roo
 Moon Identity Switch-A-Roo  (E)
This is something that I thought of one night as I began to think of this title.
#2194782 by Anna Marie Carlson
has been updated. It should be new and approved.
Beams of a Sunlit Shining Star
 Beams of a Sunlit Shining Star  (E)
I wrote this thinking that it would be an inspiration to anyone going through a tough time
#2195346 by Anna Marie Carlson
has been updated. It sounds better in my opinion.
I updated "Rippled Reflection"
 Rippled Reflection  (E)
I wrote this one wondering if it made sense. The title was a prompt from writing class..
#2195355 by Anna Marie Carlson
. I read the instructions on putting it into a book and saved it, but when I opened the book entry, I got a list of prices. Can you let me know what I did wrong? It said that I reached my limit. I did this to four of my writings.
Upgraded members like us get 10 books max in our port. I've recently converted a few of my books into other formats to give me some wiggle room in the future.
Dave Ryan - I am talking about getting the first 100 stories into a book to free up space. The four that I've entered worked. I hope that those haven't been erased.

Anna Marie Carlson
Preferred Author
Anna Marie Carlson -For upgraded membership there's an upper limit of 5MB for a book, but it takes quite a lot of stuff to get there. If this problem occurred after just four entries, it sounds unlikely that you maxed out. It might be worth raising the issue in the technical support forum. If anything's gone missing as a result of this, SM might be able to retrieve it from backup.
Good News! I located the piece of paper where I wrote the names of the titles to go toward a book. I will work more on getting some submitted. I am still trying to get over this hacking that I've had for about three weeks now.

I am truly grateful you have been a member of the Writing.com community! Here's to many more years of devotion to your craft as a writer!
Hi. I am not sure who had sent me a link of what they remarked and don't know what to make of it. It said that I was overreacting and needed to calm down. I haven't felt that I've overreacted to anything. I have shared things from my own experiences and at the same time, I was being helpful. This took me by surprise a bit. Perhaps you can explain what I'm doing to the men that makes them feel that way. I need your feedback on this. I would appreciate this very much.
Can you give a little more context?

But to be clear: a man who asks you to calm down is a sniveling crybaby whose opinion doesn't count. Ever
As a man, I like to think we are not all like that. Your emotions are yours and valid.

Of course, after pushback, I rarely post my personal life stuff on WdC any longer, so it might be something about this site...
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Thanks to all of you for wishing me a Happy 5th anniversary at Writing.Com! You are wonderful. I hope to have many more years to come; I enjoy being a part of your family.

May there be many more!!
Hello everyone!

I wrote down some entries to put toward a book but misplaced them somehow. When I find the paper that I wrote them on, I will continue adding them to my collection. Sorry about that.
I am still hacking away with this cold but I managed to get caught up on responding to my reviews. I don't think I missed anyone but, if I did, I will go back and respond.
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