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Felons in Mississippi can't vote for a felon who accepts his nomination for president at the TNC... today
... possibly as I type this at 22:00 EDT.

The 5th circuit has upheld Mississippi's ban on felons voting today.

Link: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/court-validates-mississippis-lifetime-ban-on-felons-voting/ar-BB1qemhE?ocid=BingNewsVerp
But only today...hmmm....
I need to choose between these two. The form is a hybrid similar to a haibun. They are both inspired by the artistry of Georgia O'Keeffe and therefore ekphrastic. I may tweak them some more... as they were written in 2008.

Cock and balls  (GC)
The paper stains. We strain our eyes looking for some other explanation.
#2323525 by Kåre Enga in Montana

Inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe's Portrait - W - No. III (1917): https://collections.okeeffemuseum.org/object/30/

Iris beckons  (GC)
...on the third day, when I was created, it poured, petal by petal... caressing soft silk
#2323524 by Kåre Enga in Montana

Inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe's Dark Iris lll (1927): https://collections.okeeffemuseum.org/object/21/

I must read it.
I’d have to choose the first one. I can’t unsee it now. *Laugh* Interesting form I haven’t heard of before.
*Laugh* @ the first one *Pthb*

But I'd have to go with the second one, also *Smile*
When you are feeling like an imposter or just feeling down, watch this episode from Dr. Who:


Karen Gillan, nudge, nudge, wink, wink...gifted me a heart, thumbs up, when I rooted for her sitcom when X was a birdy.

I will suffer for my art, but not to the depths of a man driven insane. But, there's always hope. *Smile*
Thank you, Kare. I loved that. The movie was "Dr. Who?"
Winchester Jones - Season five, episode 10 of the British TV series.
I am second generation Irish.
"The Pretender tried to usurp the Republic and establish himself as King. He nearly succeeded, but having failed, He instead spent years plotting, undermining the people's choice, applying lies to his bruises, biding his time to seek revenge. Now, his courtly Minions were in place, the Opposition was lulled to sleep, and the Woke distracted and — it was almost time. Would He declare himself the heir apparent during Leaf-fall in November or would He wait for a proper Ice-cold Coronation in January? King or Emperor? Regardless, a New Era was about to begin."

— They had a good run... 248 years! Li-Chin the Chronicler in the Year 62 of the New Royal Era AD (4784, Year of the Horse, in the Homeland).
I'm afraid. Very afraid. Thinking about it makes me want to end my life, so I'm avoiding the news (and of course social media). If it happens? I don't know...
buddhangela's trying it all on - Yes, it's frightening; but, don't despair. I survived my childhood and youth. Being 'different' that wasn't guaranteed... but I survived.
Those who couldn't make it in the Land of Hops moved to the outlaw town of Barrel. A ferry connected it to the hamlet of Jar where the Old Cukes Home was the end of the road for the farmers of Vlasic.

The River Puke slowly wended its way between them.

It was summer and Prince Robert, the regent of both unremarkable holdings, was prancing south in triple time to the nether reaches of the Glorious Kingdom of Belgium. The châteaux and vineyards of the Loire were beckoning.

This week's word is "barrel" (one sentence) for
The Prompt Me Contest  (13+)
Weekly winners will have a chance to win the monthly MB give-away!
#2000519 by Cubby
You have such a creative mind!
Thank you for the plug!
Cubby - Well... you "made me" write a sentence... but it had grander ideas and... since I have to write a story drabble for Steven (100 words ... exact ... grumble grumble) I lengthened it and will need to knead it, pinch it, shape-and-bake it. Thankfully Waltz provided some inspiration as well.

Folks think it's hard to write. I sure did when I was younger and cautious about appearing silly; but, age has taught me wisdom that nobody cared (ah ... those wasted years *Sad*); so, I try to no longer care.

Since the Puke has flooded Prince Robert (a.k.a. Bob-the-Brewer) takes the levied towpath on his way back and sees the ferry floating down the bloated river. No great loss but those barrels bobbing by him with his name emblazoned on them makes him hurry. I feel the urge to wright/craft a first chapter and leave everyone hanging... *Smirk2*

Adherennium Dr of Phoolishness-the-Younger has unwittingly helped as well. His sense of humor is infectious. Gweep!
Kåre Enga in Montana - Thanks for the explanation. I was worried you'd had too many "Fire and Ice" before writing this. *LAUGH*
Swim wear is a personal choice.
More power to you.

Bob County
WDC's July contest:

Rhythms & Writing: Official WDC Contest  (E)
Use the music provided to inspire your writing!
#2002964 by Writing.Com Support

The task is simple: Write a poem or song lyrics about your own shortcomings and insecurities.

I loved "Fast Car" when it first came out. Tracy Chapman is still awesome and thanks to Luke Combs a new generation now knows that too.
This was my (late) uncle's favourite song! I think of him each time I hear it.
         This has been a huge favorite song of mine since it was released so long ago (4/6/1988). There's just something about this song that carries my mind away to a place I don't know. And I love it. Hopefully I will find inspiration and write something about it this month. I posted this in "Smile! (Groan?) You Know You Love These! on 2/6/24 to highlight her and this beautiful song.
Loved this song when it came out. It was inspirational, yet spoke to the heart about reality. Hard decisions are never easy. It was a great coming of age song and it is now and it's the type of song that speaks through the generations. Great prompt this month! Let me see what I can cook up.
Jeff I can't find July's contest. Do you happen to know what it is?
Commenting to follow *Whistle*
It's "Rhythms & Writing: Official WDC Contest! I just got it opened up and updated in all the usual places. Sorry for the delay!
I believe that summer food programs (in the USA) fill gaps for children and families in need. Montana opted out last year (lost $10 million). But... back this year.

Idaho's state senate rejected proposed funding for the SUN Bucks program earlier this year. Republican Sen. Cindy Carlson suggested approving the program would be "sending the wrong message to parents and kids," according to Idaho Education News. "I believe that the message we need to be sending is we all need to work for what we get," she said, per the outlet.

Ah... child labor! (Yes, I know that's not what she meant; but, I'm sure she doesn't approve of stealing.)

Feed children, let them beg or steal, or put them to work?

Comment here or rant in my forum: " Feed children, let them beg or steal, or put them to work?"  

Note: 12 states (all GOP) rejected it; however, Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, an Arkansas Republican and former Trump administration official, described it as “an important new tool to give Arkansas children the food and nutrition they need.”
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Not related to writing? Write a story about:

1. feeding other people's children.
2. hungry children begging or stealing.
3. young children working.

Fiction or non-fiction? Both work.

Summary of "Oliver Twist": the titular character is born an orphan and is forced into unjust and cruel situations from child farms to workhouses to a life of crime. He is constantly thrown into trusting the wrong adults. The boy's innocence reveals the extreme suffering of the poor in Victorian England.

BUT... This exists many places today... in your own home town. Look around and ask questions!
Just finished writing

My Other Half  (ASR)
"...but then a frog jumped in and she disappeared again. Half of me is missing, Momma."
#2322798 by Kåre Enga in Montana

Two Reflections Image

My Other Half

"I can't find it."

Peaches was unhappy, hysterical, distraught.

She couldn't find what she was looking for.

"I can't find it."

Mabel was late for work. "I'll help you find it when I get home, honey." She just couldn't be late again.

Peaches pouted but gave Momma Mabel a quick hug. "I know you will."

After she heard Sister Sandie's toot-of-the-horn Peaches waved good-bye.

She was always "as sweet as apple pie" everyone said. Her name wasn't Apple. Or Plum-pudding or Pumpkin. She'd always been Peaches as long as she could remember. Sure... the teacher once said her name was Georgia... but no one called her that.

Except for Piggy — until she beat him up.

She knew who she was.

... continued ...

© Kåre Enga [181.36] (30.juni.2024)

~730 words for June 2024

Chapter One   (18+)
Write the first chapter of a book, inspired by the prompt.
#2251577 by Cubby

Now there are three entries. *Happycry*
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Thank you, Kåre! I cannot wait to read the entries! *Smile*
Verdant Poetry Contest  (E)
NATURE-themed quarterly contest.
#2000001 by Choconut

I'm the 9th entry ... is there one more out there with a few hours left? 10 is better. *Smile*

June 24th in the North  (E)
A ravenfly (rhyming form of 10 lines) Will it rain or snow come noon — how deep?
#2322783 by Kåre Enga in Montana
These are simply wonderful.
Ashok Banerjee - Thank you. I'm glad it's over for now. I had to choose how much I shared. They often touched on personal bruises.
Wordsmitty ✍️ - Thank you. I feel I could have done better and have done better expressing myself in the past. Now these are "past".
I was disappointed. I had 30 words all filled in but puzzle would only take 23 of them.

Alabaster to Ebony – Crayons #1  (E)
Colors that can be used rather than red, white and blue.
#2322745 by Kåre Enga in Montana
I had to cheat on just one.

I was going to mention a spelling error, but a quick internet search tells me it's a spelling often used in North America. So I won't mention it then... *Smile*
Dave Ryan - Yep. I am sometimes tripped up even though my dialect is fairly standard. Grammar though... my dialect isn't always "grammatically correct" (in either English or Spanish).

I lament because I really worked on my list of 30 colors. It wouldn't let me use them all.

Glad you got them all. I tried to make my clues helpful.
Why should anyone blog? It's not rewarded, seldom reviewed, sometimes receives a comment...

I kept a handwritten journal for 17 years. I'm on page 5404 in spite of neglecting it the last 2 or more years. I think differently on paper. Maybe I should revive it and drop blogging daily.

Here... I've cut back on reading and commenting on blogs. *Sad* And all I have to offer is my daily vomit.

hammer48 - Thank you for posting. I got your email as well. There are many ways of communicating. And communication in the 2020s is far different than 50 or even 20 years ago.
s - Yes, your blog is informative. They will be a good reference for others. Years ago I put poetry in my blog entries. Some I posted as separate items. Now I have hundreds to reread and edit, post and sort into folders. *Shock* A specific folder for your advice may be warranted (if you haven't already).
Kåre Enga in Montana - Great goals! I'm going to shoot that myself!
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