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We are afflicted by fiction, by fiction
Building a case for eviction, eviction
Guarding a tower of ancients, of ancients
Shooting down arrows of patience, impatiently
All the emptiness inside you is hard enough to fill
Without a sense of purpose, we're setting up to fail
You don't have to make it right
Just hold your head up high

'Round and 'round
I won't run away this time
'Til you show me what this life is for
'Round and 'round
I'm not gonna let you change my mind
'Til you show me what this life is for

- Imagine Dragons, Round and Round

Yep, it's a Night Visions sort of day... *Think* *DragonHead* *DragonHeadB*
Sometimes all I think about is you
Late nights in the middle of June
Heat wave is faking me out
Can't make you happier now...

-- Heat Wave, by Glass Animals

Since this song came out a few years ago, I've marvelled at how well it captures that strange feeling of malaise that comes with the onset of long hot days, dull drowsy afternoons, and brief nights which seem to be spent mostly lying awake wrestling with the meaning of life and one's purpose. Mine is a strange existence.

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I love that gif.
Just discovered this adorable story and realized WdC has a slew of donut emoticons!
*Donut* *Donut2* *Donut3* *Donut4* *Donut5* *Donut6* *Donut7* *Donut8*

Green Rain & Jelly Donuts  (E)
Two girls' trip to find some donuts is interrupted by divine... landscaping?
#2321643 by poppy
Nice, but, emoticons like these are the reason we have controversy over donuts (doughnuts) as rings and NOT the filled like Berliners. *Laugh* Some idiot on Reddit...


one commenter destroyed argument with: 'where do donut holes come from then'? Doughnut has to be whole to get a hole. *Laugh*

I G00gle too much

Oh, and...

"Mommy, where do donut holes come from?"

The bakery.
Ooh, need an Insulin emoti. *PotionB* Also, Yum!
Donut Day was yesterday in the USA. I scored a free glazed doughnut.
Ooh, I got a silver one this month *BigSmile*
It would be a lot harder getting these if it wasn't for so many delightful things to read by the skilled authors that abound here
*Hug1**Smile**Hug2* *HeartT* *Reading*

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Cool, Congratulations. I'm happy for you.
Congratulations! That's fabulous!!
I’m a sucker for stuffed animals… when I saw an ad for “what Squishmallow fits your personality,” I couldn’t resist clicking on it and working patiently through about a million questions (successfully navigating the spammy site without clicking any ads by accident) and came up with this:

Like Paco the Parrot, you can hold a great conversation. Or you can spread your wings and fly away. Everyone loves your brightly colored soul and wishes they could express themselves as effortlessly as you do.
My favorite is my French Fry Guy. I have a french fry guy with hearts on his front, think Frylock softened up and dolled up for Valentines.
Aw, I love Squishmallows! And plushies in general! *Heartv* Will have to see which Squishmallow I am.
You're Hank the Hippo

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Thank you very much to Fivesixer and Elycia Lee ☮ (and to Schnujo's in Chile for having an anniversary conveniently timed *Rolling*) I never met that handsome MB before... *Smile*
Oh goodness, thank you also to Dave Ryan for buying me the winning ticket!

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Today is World Otter Day! How can anyone resist them?
🦦 *HeartT* *Wave1*

Yay, otters!!

Such cute Otters.
Thank you to Annette for the delightful Newsfeed activity.

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And wouldn't you know, Arby's just pulled an Imagine Dragons! This is exactly the kind of thing they tease us Firebreathers with *Rolling* (I think it means the potato cakes are coming back...)
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I've got the heebie-jeebies about this latest item I've written for "Musicology Anthology
I've wanted to write it for years, but it's such a delicate subject. Does it work within the word count? Is it impactful? Respectful? Understandable? Just in time for Pride, too.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated *Smile*

*Heartv* *Heartbl* *Heartgr*

Let's Hurt Tonight  (13+)
Don't walk away, don't roll your eyes; if this love is pain...
#2320665 by Amethyst Angel🌸📝🪽
Say, does anyone know who this cute genie Award Icon used to belong to? The group it’s associated with is no longer in existence. I’d like to know the story behind it… *Smile* *GenieLamp*
Annette - not mine. This was for Unraveled Fantasy Contest if I'm not mistaken. I forgot who the owner was.
To my surprise, I actually have one of these. It was awarded by rolandeld for winning the Fantasy Unravelled Contest back in June 2021.

Genie Merit Badge awarded by the Fantasy Unravelled Contest.
Beholden - I shall have to read that, it looks like fun *Smile*
Wow, a splendid Newsfeed Challenge by Annette "Note: Can You Describe it? This is a one-ti..."
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A sample of famous authors I write like so far, according to https://iwl.me/

Agatha Christie "St Elmo's Fire

Cory Doctorow "Oh My My (folder description only)

Margaret Atwood "The Wolf Speaks

Mary Shelley "Ode to the Emerald Isle

Ernest Hemingway "The Name’s Daisy

Steven King for the first few paragraphs, Ernest Hemingway for a random chunk further down…"A Robin and a Rose

Vladimir Nabokov first half, Ernest Hemingway again for the second half…"Rescue

Cory Doctorow again, consistently through different sections "Tools of the Trade (I don’t understand how a fictional story with realistic dialogue can be in the style of a blogger and journalist…) [ok, he's also a novelist, a champion of the Creative Commons license.]

Apparently I have to pin down my style… but I kind of thought it was a good thing to be able to have a flexible writing style *Confused* I mean, a poem about Ireland isn’t supposed to sound like Steven King wrote it, right? And neither King nor Hemingway wrote what I would call “inspirational.” And a nonfiction piece shouldn’t read like Edgar Allen Poe! I don’t get it. s I’m impressed everything you wrote turned out the same. Is it even possible across different types of writing? One would have to spend a ton of time on that site to get any proper idea.
Well considering it's an app. The programmers probably used an algorithm to analyze writing samples and compared them to samples of known authors they compiled into a library for the program. It may or may not be accurate.

My opinion is that you cannot say conclusively that one author's style is 100% like another's. For what it's worth, the pieces of yours that I've read aren't like Ernest Hemingway. But I still like what I've read of your work.
I see your point, but I think there's more to it than just the surface bit. The word choices, sentence structure, sentence length, punctuation useage, and other things also play into our style and voice. It may be looking more at that. Here are some pieces it said looked like Agatha Christie, but I think they're very different. I've got fiction, nonfiction, humor, kid's stories, etc.

Also, remember that I don't think any of us downloaded the app, which allegedly will tell us the percentage our writing is like the author they say. So, while all these may most resemble Agatha Christie, they may only resemble her writing by 10%. *Laugh*

For anyone wondering why all my stuff is Agatha Christie, it's definitely not. I had to go through a lot of items to find these. *Laugh* My writing isn't that consistent yet. *Blush* Interestingly, I also found that my PhD application paper, as a whole, was Agatha Christie. But when I tested each paragraph, almost all of them came up as David Foster Wallace. None came up as Agatha Christie, so I would guess that a larger sample is better for the "accuracy."

How to Create a WdC Will/Succession Plan  (ASR)
Don't let your contests, activities, interactives, MBs, etc. die after you do-Rehome them.
#2280691 by Schnujo's in Chile

The Farmer's Filthy Farmhouse  (18+)
Two farmhands tentatively go inside the farmhouse of a farmer who is now gone.
#2260650 by Schnujo's in Chile

 Parallel Paths  (ASR)
A woman's strange encounter with someone claiming to be Queen Anne of England from 1700
#2090940 by Schnujo's in Chile

 Garbage Eaters vs. Garbage Makers  (E)
Children's Story: Rebellion on a planet of Garbage Makers vs. Garbage Eaters
#2158097 by Schnujo's in Chile

Someone Stole My Bike  (13+)
A boy wonders whether to tell the police the truth about his stolen bike.
#2090247 by Schnujo's in Chile

Playing D&D  (13+)
A guy talks friends into learning to play Dungeons & Dragons to get his mind off a girl.
#2243282 by Schnujo's in Chile

 How Mrs. Claus Saves Christmas  (13+)
Heart disease and diabetic complications grounded Santa. Now it's up to Mrs. Claus...
#2106666 by Schnujo's in Chile

Dear Me  (E)
A letter to myself about what I'd like to accomplish in 2017.
#2107298 by Schnujo's in Chile
Oh, one similarity I can identify with all my writing I posted was they all had typos. *Yikes* *Blush* *Facepalm* *Laugh* But I don't think Agatha Christie was specifically known for that. *Rolling*
I've added a new entry to my book, "Pocket Size Stories:
100 words for the Drabble hosted by s I chose Fantasy *Smile*

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