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For anyone interested in following along at this VERY early stage, I have posted scene two of
Queen of Hearts  (18+)
Under construction. Crime drama. Contact for passkey; adults only.
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Passkey is 1666.

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I wondered what you were busy doing!!! Thanks for the magic key.
Am I a writer anymore? This last story will be the decider, I think. Either way, I'm "All In"   ~ *Crab*
If you love to write, and you hate to write, and it makes you crazy when you don't have time to write, and it makes you crazy when you have time but you can't write? You're a writer. It's part of who you are. If you're doubting your skill or ability as a writer, you are most definitely a writer. *Heartb* ~buddhangela
buddhangela's Ousting Alice - Good day to you, lass, and thanks for the pep talk. Time. I'm retired, and have all of that I want. Love to write, but it's more like the well's dry. In 65 years behind the pen, I've used up every idea I've got. I feel like I'm plagiarizing myself anymore! I think that's why I chose the police procedural for my last hurrah; they all plagiarize from each other anyway! Good hearing from you. Y'all keep safe now, ya hear? ~ *Crab*
Sharing this here because I eat my crow in public. "A Public Apology . . ."  

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Join me in the tidepool if you wish as I talk about "Childish Things"  . ~ *Crab*
         Greetings from the shallows! For anyone with an interest, I've established a new policy for reviewing. The details can be found here: "Crass Commercialism Invades the Tidepool"  

         ~ *Crab* ~
         Good morning, all. On offer this morning is the result of a month-long experiment on decision-making. You're all invited to partake of the results and use them if you think they might be of benefit to you. Hope to see you there! "Dark Decisions"  

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"You Are the Lens

         "They didn't want it good, they wanted it Wednesday."
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Love that quote!
buddhangela's Ousting Alice - Robert Heinlein...
The Lone Crab - Ah ha! Thank you! I knew it was familiar. *Smile*
There's a new thread over at "Talk of the Tidepool. Possibly it may be of interest to you, but you'll never know if you don't read it ~ *Crab* ~
         Good evening, all, and I hope it's going well for you. I'm just stopping by to pass the word that I've set up a new folder for some of my pre-Writing.com work: "The Embracing Darkness. There are two stories there, one I've just added. They're old, they don't need reviewing, I'm just feeling the need to share, and if anyone wants to drop a line and tell me what they think, that might be fun. Here's the new one. Enjoy ~ *Crab* ~

Wrong Turn  (18+)
Sometimes fate makes decisions that we aren't meant to understand.
#2311386 by The Lone Crab
         Good morning, friends, and I hope it finds you well. It's Tuesday morning, and time for a blog post, so swing by when you have a few moments and read up on "The Fading Legacy

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