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My first book to be published out now Dragon's Heart from Olympia Publishers, Amazon and Waterstones Price £7.99
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I am getting my third book published this year, titled "The Princess Ariana." The main character is someone with Autism. I don't profess to know much about autism, and it is only very loosely based on what I know of autism and, of course, is pure fiction. The world the character lives in knows nothing about autism and considers the main character to have some kind of affliction or medness. I hope you'll buy the book when it is released

Thanks, Dragonbane

Hi Martin, just stopped by to say hello!🙂
Happy WDC anniversary, 17 years is quite an achievement. Wishing you every success with your writing.
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Hi to all FSFS members and thanks

To answer your questions I write fantasy stories mainly I had my first book published last year. A story which I had been writing of and for some years Then I just decided to try and publish it on a whim. Luckily it got published. I am in the process of having my second published

You give us hope man
Hello Martin, glad to see your note also. Hope all is going well and you are writing reams of new fiction.
Please check my new book "Short Stories" available from Amazon if you like it leave a review
If anyone wants check out any of my stories feel free -


Dragonbane (Martin)
Welcome to the FSFS. It is always great to have a new member. :)
welcome to the group. what type of things do you write, storys, poems, novels?
Happy WDC Anniversary.
unfortunately I can't read your first book as I am broke so bad I can't even pay attention. I only make $120.00 per month, maybe next month I can get the kindle version.
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