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You should sell a book.

Bob Country
Some art to spice up my #2287657 short story!


Psycho-naught > Latitude 0° #2287288

Though in progress!


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Not sure what you mean, but good job, I assume? *Bigsmile*

If you're referring to an item you wrote, you can post a link to get folks to read it. People are lazy and not likely to read something if they have to go hunt it down. *Think* *Laugh*

You can edit this note by clicking the little arrow thingy in the upper right corner and choosing Edit Note. A text box will appear between the note and my comment. When you are done editing, save your note. If you realize you need to edit again, you have to refresh the page. *Wink*

There are 2 main types of links created here--item and bitem (big item). In this case, you'll probably want the bitem link, but I'll show you both for future reference. I'll use my challenge (which you are welcome to join} as an example because it automatically pops up for me. *Angelic*

You need the item number. It's the 7-digit number found below the title. You also need the curly braces. They're above the square brackets on your keyboard. You do NOT use a space after the colon.

{item:2109126} = "The Contest Challenge

{bitem:2109126} *Down*

The Contest Challenge  (13+)
Join by entering a contest a month for 12 months--Win Badges! Catching up is allowed!
#2109126 by Schnujo's in the Falklands

I hope this helps! Good luck with all your writing! *Hug1**Smile**Hug2*
My Unwanted Poppy

Back in the day! Hippie shindig, Pot, Beer, cigarettes in our little faces, great times!! Of course kids got a sip or two!!
Soul piercing!
Mom and me back in the 70's
For "Unwanted Poppy"
Lazy day on the beach!
Salango, Manabi / Ecuador

And my best bud Maxx! R.I.P.
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That was a while back, and yes it feels almost like loosing a family member!
ARGENTINA, Iguazu waterfalls.
"Quidquid agis prudenter agas et respice finem"
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