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For a friend "wishing you well"
I miss seeing your daily updates. I hope your therapy is coming along okay. Get well soon!
Get well soon Prosperous Snow celebrating
You're not forgotten on Writing.com.
Hello Neva,
I'm just here to tell you that I am thinking of you and wishing you all the best for your recovery and healing journey.
I'm still in therapy. Attempting to post from my phone. Short posts all I'm capable of at present.
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Thank you for checking in. I'm thinking of you.
I'm still in therapy. Don't know when I'll get home or have access to my computer. Attempting to use my phone to post.
My thoughts are with you
Focus on your recovery.
Sending you lots and lots of healing light.
Still in physical therapy hospital. Getting better. Still a long way to go.
Thank you for posting here. I have been thinking of you.
Take good care of yourself.
Get well soon, Neva! We miss you!!! ❤️
My thoughts are with you.
I hope a quick recovery for you.
I'm in physical rehab. I have limited access to internet. Can post only to newsfeed and send emails until I get home.
Will talk to therapist on Monday to find out what the I have to do to go home. I'm using my phone to access internet.
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I hope you make steady improvement and can go home soon! *Heart*
I'm in therapy. Don't know how long I'll be here. Only access to internet is my phone.
Sending a hug.
A relief you have a lifeline to us. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
Take care of yourself and Get better! We'll be here! ❤️
I'm in hospital waiting to be transferred to rehab.
Breathe, relax.
I am sorry to hear you are going through this. Best wishes for a successful rehab.
I hope you feel better soon.
My thoughts are with you.
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