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Happy Wednesday from the little library!

Storytime is over and , hopefully, it will be quiet the rest of the day.

I found that my best friend's cousin Passed last month. None of Karen's family bothered to tell me. I'm hurt. So two more blows. I'm ready for some peace!

So last weekend, I left work early, went home and packed the car, loaded Gracie, and off to my sister's. Gracie travelled like a champ. When we've gone for rides before, she looked at me and not the scenery. This time she was checking out everything!
She is too rowdy for me to turn loose with my sis's dog so I kept her leashed. But, they were very interested in each other. They touched noses, barked some. Gracie jumps on things when she gets excited. We're working on it. She kept knocking off a scrambled stack of papers that belonged to my sis. Instead of moving them off, she kept telling me that I needed to get Gracie under control.*RollEyes*
This was my proudest moment though. Whenever I take her to the lot here to run, she stays right with me. The first time I took her out to the backyard at my sister's, she went nuts! She claimed as hers immediately. She zoomied, and the next time out, she patrolled the perimeter. My heart swelled with happiness!

And the class reunion was great! It was so good to see everyone! Some of those faces, well, I hadn't seen in a decade or so. Lots of catching up and hugs. It was a good day..

Have a gorgeous day y'all!

*Hug1**Smile**Hug2* from me and Gracie*Paw*
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I found out today someone I knew here at WDC died in 2020. My parents didn't want to tell me my neighbor had died when I was in college. Years later my mother told me my uncle had died... one month late. I wonder whether folks forget or think it will hurt less. Hint: it hurts more.
It's Wednesday at the little Library!

Yesterday was a madhouse! First big summer event of the season. So many kids! Board members were here. I told them I was overwhelmed. I basically was blown off. I leave early this Friday for a weekend trip. One of the board is filling in. None of them know the system, no one will learn. The minute I walk out the door, I don't answer the phone or texts.

Gracie let me trim 2 of her nails this morning. Only several more to go and a Friday deadline.

So, this weekend...my sister has a class reunion on Saturday. Her car is held together with spit and a prayer and wouldn't make it here. So Gracie and I are going to Oklahoma Friday evening. Introduce the dogs. Saturday morning, she and I are loading up and coming back to Texas for the reunion. It's for several years of classes but misses me by a year or two. But now I'm sister's plus 1. One of my classmates has a band and they will be there. Another woman and her brother has one of the best BBQ places in town. They are providing the food. It will be nice except the heat. Ugh, heat.

Y'all have a wondermus day!

*Hug1**Smile**Hug2* from me and Gracie *Paw*
Spend most of your time in the shade for a little relief. Enjoy the music and the BBQ, have fun!
dragonwoman - we had a large tent to sit under. And drank lots of water!
It's Friday at the little library!

I've been up sine just before 6 this morning. I had to take care of Gracie Girl, get me cleaned up and ready for work, and get to my dog sitting gig by 6:30, Whew! I'm not an early morning riser so I'm sleepy and already have a headache. I think headaches and upset tummy will be a Tuesday through Friday thing until I leave this place.

I'm seriously considering finding a therapist. I wake up with panic attacks every morning that I work and leave angry. I realized that, since losing my little boys, my favorite cousin, and my best friend in less than two years is taking its toll. Not to mention the shakeup at the little library.

So, this weekend--dog siting. These two are sweet dogs. Get nails and hair did. Relax.

Have a beautiful weekend y'all!


Kåre Enga in Montana - no it's not.
ruwth - thank you. There is a Christian Counciling center near me.
Brian, Your Content Producer - thank you! I appreciate the suggestions.
It's Thursday at the little library! Or as I fondly call it, Friday Eve. *BigSmile*

It's raining and stormy here so I don't expect a lot of patrons today. After over a year and a half of working on the history collection, I'm ready to settle back into reading. I'm also ready to get back to writing again. I really don't have much room to write where I live now. (And with Gracie trying to help me do absolutely everything!)
However, once I move, there is a nice, large wood desk that isn't being utilized. See where I'm going with this? It's in the large sunroom on one side (the other will be a cozy library). There are no windows by the desk so I'll need to pivot it where it will face the windows. I'm so excited to have room again!

Have a gorgeous day y'all!

*Hug1**Smile**Hug2* from me and Gracie *Paw*
Binders are done!

I showed them, and the system, to the 2 board members who are the most critical. They were not happy. If they touch them, I'll walk. I put in over a year and a half on them.

Now I can read while I'm here!*BigSmile*
These boots are made for walking...
On the most part, my board members were great...but then a few new members replaced the ones who left. And they tried to micro-manage, which they aren't supposed to do. Wishing you the best, Nikola! *Hug1**Smile**Hug2* Unhappy board members come with the territory, unfortunately. *Heart*
Woooo! It's Tuesday at the little library!

The science truck was canceled due to the weather. We've had winds and flooding rains this morning. It's supposed to clear off for a while then another moving in this afternoon. Gotta love spring in Texas!

I spent Sunday and Monday pet sitting. I got basically nothing done at home that I wanted. I'm pet sitting this next weekend, the one after that I'm going to my sister's. Maybe a break then another pet sitting job. Whew!

I should be finished with the master table of contents books then I'm done! Over a year and a half of work!

Y'all have a gorgeous day!

*Hug1**Smile**Hug2* From me and Gracie! *Paw*
It's Friday Eve at the little library!

It's quiet, so far. I'm enjoying it.

My sister called with sad news last night. She had texted my uncle to check on them due to the storm in their area. My cousin replied. My aunt was diagnosed with Lymphoma in March. She passed away this past Monday. *Sad* I can't say enough good things about her. She was a wonderful lady. I worry about what my uncle will do now. I'm sure his daughters have everything as under control as they can.

Gracie was being a brat this morning. She's old enough where she's wavering between good girl and bad girl. It is supposed to be fairly nice this weekend so I can take her to the park and then for a pup cup.

Have a beautiful day y'all!

*Hug1**Smile**Hug2* from me and Gracie*Paw*
Sorry to hear about your aunt! *Cry*

How old is Gracie now? Has she turned a year old yet?
🐦GeminiGem🌷 - She'll be 4 months old on Sunday.
It's Wednesday at the little library!

If I keep doing this: *RollEyes* they're gonna get stuck that way! It'll be just me and the new lady today with board members checking on her to see how she's doing. I didn't mention her yesterday. She's smart and asked good questions which mostly received a I don't know answer. I feel for her. I like her so far.

Sweet Gracie needs her nails trimmed. I plan to attempt it tonight. I have a tear in my left palm Ouch!

I can't remember if I mentioned that I'm almost done with the history binders! Once done, I can read again at work! *BigSmile*

Y'all have a gorgeous day!

*Hug1**Smile**Hug2* from me and Gracie *PawPrints*
It's Tuesday at the little library.

Y'all, the minute the library director, who spent two years building the library up, the board went right back to the old destroy it all ways. I came in this morning and my desk had been messed with. Things I use were tossed. This is a big no-no for me. Micromanaging at it's finest.

However, this past weekend was nice. Went to my sister's on Saturday. Gracie and spent more bonding time.

Just wanted to check in!

Have a gorgeous day y'all!

*Hug1**Smile**Hug2* From me and Gracie
Nobody would dare to throw something out on my desk. I'm pretty laid back and jovial until you mess with my stuff, then I get loud and unpleasant and nobody wants that.
Sorry to hear this. I cannot be micro-managed.
Happy Tuesday from the little library!

It's a new week of "what now?" Board meeting tonight. They actually have tried to hire someone, at least, through summer reading. Hopefully they'll discuss the a/c too.

I've been actively looking for a job in the town where my sis lives. I found one I would really love. Part time, choose my hours, no weekends, no night. It's a legal assistant position. Filing, copies and such. Fingers crossed!

I took Gracie to the fenced in lot that the city owns. Dogs across the street barked at her so she stayed glued to my side. I think once she finds her confidence, she'll run and work some of her energy off! We went to Whataburger after. I ordered my lunch and drink and got her a glass of water. They put ice in it and she was thrilled! She loves ice! I have to give her a piece any time that I make a drink for me.
I've been working with her. She has "sit" down but doesn't stay yet and she shakes hands/paws. We're still working on "down" and "no Bite." She gets too excited and she bites when she plays. You should see my forearms!

Gracie and I wish y'all a playful day!

*Hug1**Smile**Hug2* *Paw*
We call ice "water biscuits".
🐦GeminiGem🌷 - Love it!
Happy Friday from the little library!

Some of the board are interviewing candidates to work here. I posted looking for work in Oklahoma. The president saw it and now the board are hardly looking at me and barely talking to me. I guess they thought I'd work until the program that I'm working through here ran out next March. I have to look out for me.

I'm dizzy, really dizzy. I'll be spending most of today sitting very still.

Have a beautiful day and weekend!

It's Wednesday at the little library!

Play Cafe is going on in the activity room and the kids are enjoying themselves.
It's HUMID here! We're expecting 100 degree heat index. It's too early for this gal!

Gracie Mae had another milestone yesterday evening. The only dog she has seen since I rescued her is the large dog next door. She barked at him a few times but mostly they just look at each other. Well, we were sitting outside. There is an older couple with 3 elderly little dogs that they walk, always 2 at a time. They were out walking with their little terrier and doxie. Gracie was interested in them. She stood with the hair on her back standing up yet no aggressive pose. The terrier saw her and barked. Gracie turned tail and ran to me! *Laugh* As they walked past my car, she moved to see them better. Again the little dog barked and she came running to Mama! *Laugh* I told my sister that her little dog will find Gracie easy to train. Gracie is showing her silly character more all the time.

Y'all have a gorgeous day!

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Nikola~Ugh Summer! ,

Check this out:

Ash  [E]
My best friend!
by Charles

It's Tuesday at the little library!

My boss's last day is a week from tomorrow. Not one member of the board has discussed how they plan
to go forward. (summer reading, activities, etc.) In fact, none of them will look me in the eye. Hmmm...

I have some resumes out in Ardmore. Missed a perfect library job by 2 weeks. Just found out about it today.
I don't have to have a job before I move. I would like a 15-20 hours per week gig. Just to get me out of the house and a little extra money.

Gracie Girl is getting bigger everyday! Her jumping, biting, and scratching are better. I found a lot, that is owned by the city, where I can let her run. She'll love that!

Have a gorgeous day y'all!

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Keep trying for that ideal job. It will happen.*EyesLeft**EyesRight*
It's Friday Eve at the little library!

It's cloudy here today. We are expecting more storms later on today. Actually through Sunday. Tornado Alley is really taking a beating right now.

I wish I could have taken a pic of Gracie last night! She was on her back, head between the bed pillows, and long legs sprawled every which-a-way. It was comical! *Laugh* We're still working on puppy things but we're finding our way together. More toys, more chews, more time outside. One thing that I worry about is she goes nuts whenever I leave the house. I crate her because she can't be trusted not to destroy things. I'm seriously considering calming dog chews.

Have a gorgeous day y'all!

I feel bad for her because puppies shouldn't really be left alone for any length of time... But I'm glad you're bonding well. I can't remember how old she is.
Amethyst Angel🌸📝🪽 - She's 3 months now. I work 7 hours, 4 days per week. I hate leaving her alone.
Happy birthday, have an extra special birthday!
*CupcakeP* *ConfettiP* *Dog1*
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