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My sincere thanks to the person(s) who nominated the following items for the prestigious "The Quills

*Gemy* Best Short Story:
"30: The Wand of Destiny

*Gemy* Best Short Poem, Free Verse:

*Gemy* Best Group:
The WDC Angel Army  (ASR)
Dedicated to promoting positivity, encouragement, and support to the WDC community.
#1188309 by iKïyå§ama

I truly appreciate the recognition! *Delight*

And if you have noticed anything/anyone else, around Writing.com, that deserves such accolades, please do not hesitate to nominate them below:

Quill Nomination Form 2024  (E)
Nominate someone for a Quill!
#2145930 by Lilli 🧿 ☕

Congrats!!! *Smile*
That's awesome! Congrats Kiya!
Congrats, Kiya! Well done! *Heartv*



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Love it.
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
The Miracle  (13+)
In honor of 'The Miracle in Missouri' - An AlphA Poem
Nice to see this after all these years. 2007? Ouch... I was 'young'. It looks like both boys were doing well in 2022... the last update I saw.

As for AlphA: like your choice for Q, U, Z.
Kåre Enga in Montana - Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the poem and thanks for the update as well. *Smile*
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
The Rose  (13+)
A single red rose changed their lives forever...
Huh? Wait...what bee this all about?

CommuniBees  (E)
A community-driven charitable collective. Help make some honey and earn merit badges!
#2319078 by Jeremy

Those badges are going to be super cute when released.

And speaking of busy bees, don't forget to check out:

The Best of the Rest at the Bee Hive   (E)
MAY 2024 Contest is open! Submit your Word Searches!
#1134192 by StephBee

And now my lunch break is over, so I'm going to be back to being a busy bee on the ward!

Bzzzzt! *Pthb*


*Bee* *Heart* *Bee*
Kiya, big thanks for giving the Best of the Rest @ the Bee Hive a BIG shout out!

Thank you for this lovely surprise:

Jerky Jaunts  (13+)
a night of drunken fun and a mountain lion meet
#2318251 by iKïyå§ama

from the lovely two ladies who run the fun activity:

The Bard's Hall Contest  (13+)
(MAY Villanelle) JUNE:Annual Blog Month!
#981150 by StephBee

Now, go make sure you submit an entry for the new prompt/month!
Looks like a fun one all about Mother's Day.


(what even goes on in this gif???)
Congrats! It was quite the prompt.
Dawn Embers - 500 words was not enough for your story, Dawn! I loved the creativity you took with it!
iKïyå§ama Congrats! As for this gif, it's clearly a momma bird fed up with the baby's squawking for more food. She's clearly mocking him. *Rolling* (Let's hope Daddy shows up soon with the food or something tells me, he'll BE the food!) *Fireworks1*

The WDC Angel ArmyThe WDC Angel Army

sincerely thanks Gaby ~ Quiet contemplation and the wonderful members of *Fire*House Targaryen*Fire*

*Dragon2*GERVIC 🐉 WDC Dragon Vale
*Dragon2*StaiNed-House Targaryen

for helping to raise

3,063,290 Gift Points

as part of the "Game of Thrones event!

I knew all that pain and suffering was for a worthy cause after all!


P.S: I would be remiss if I did not thank those who also 'cheered' for our team during the event.
Your invaluable support also made this possible! *Heart*

Wow! Congrats to everyone who participated! You are awesome! And kudos to Kiya for organizing just a big and fantastic event! *Heart**Heartv**Heart* Much love to all!
Wow, that's awesome!! Glad to be part of a such a great team!
Legerdemain - I think you mean - Gaby - who ran the event because goodness knows I couldn't! *Laugh* Thanks for the well wishes! *Heart*

What a day this gal is having so far!

Merit Badge in Good Deeds
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Congratulations, you won  2nd Place  in the  April 2024  round of  [Link To Item #gooddeeds] !

Merit Badge in Visit WdC 7
[Click For More Info]

Awarded for  visiting the site every day for a week . This badge can be earned over and over again.  Each of these badges adds one (1) Community Recognition!

*Coins* Finally got enough gps to get a one-year extension upgrade *Coins*


*Dragon2* *Fire* House Targaryen *Fire* *Dragon2*
for "Game of Thrones

Congratulations to the Free Folk for taking the top honors, and to House Florent for coming in third.
And a big shout out to the other great Houses who worked just as hard.


I was able to extend mine for 6 months due to the generosity of two members. I was 10k short. Oh... so... close.
Great, congratulations, iKïyå§ama!
Howdy, all ye fine writers!

How would you like to earn any of the badges below?

Merit Badge in Mentor
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This merit badge is being sent to you through the  [Link To Item #1635878]  with the following message: "For being the kind of WDC member we all aspire to be.  Thank you for your endless encouragement, support, and generosity."  If you'd like to find out who your secret admirer is, check the forum on Valentine's Day!  *^*Smile*^* Merit Badge in Cheerleading
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Thank you for inspiring so many here at writing.com and leading our fantastic reviewing and goodwill group! You make our community a better place, just by being you. Merit Badge in Supportive
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A small token of my thanks for sponsoring me in the 2017 NaNoWriMo WDC Write-a-Thon. Your support and generosity better to me and those WDC causes they help support all year long. XOXOXO Carol Merit Badge in Teamwork
[Click For More Info]

Thank you for the wonderful celebration of 10 years of  [Link To Item #army] 
The past few days have been great to take part in (although I admit I couldn't do every day) and just wonderful to receive so much love from friends old and new.
Sally *^*Heart*^**^*Angel*^* Merit Badge in Guide
[Click For More Info]

Happy Eleventh, ((((Kiya))))! *^*Heart*^*
And I thank you for being you. YOU is a terrific person. *^*Hug*^*

Notice what they all have in common?

That's right! All are related to helping out your fellow writer in our lovely Writing.com community.

To earn one of these (or more), please check out the challenge in the forum below:

The Angel Outreach Program  (13+)
For newbies seeking mentors and writers needing support via their peers; stop by today!
#1403831 by iKïyå§ama

And no, you do not have to be a member of "The WDC Angel Army to become a mentor. Anyone, who enjoys the idea of helping out and guiding others in the right direction, is always welcome to stop by (add the forum to your favorites too!)

A big shout out to Sunny who continues to be an example in this department. *Clap**Clap**Clap*

However, we need more of you fine folks to step up. *Wink*

Hope to see more of you mentors around!


Hmm....well, thanks to a certain activity,
I got quite a few lovely reviews for this ol' thing below:

a very Wodehouse challenge  (E)
A blind set of challenges hosted by Writing.com groups/members. Come test your fortitude!
#1280691 by iKïyå§ama

(ironic that the last round played was in honor of that certain event. Hah!)

And I got several queries about if I would consider running it again.

The honest answer? "I don't know."

When this was created, the idea was for folks to actually earn merit badges
especially as The StoryMistress was just kicking off the idea of creating new designs and having 'exclusives'.

Who knew that 'little' idea would turn into this juggernaut, where new badges are seemingly
pumped out every other day!
There are also now so many shortcuts to getting the badges, I don't know if there's even the appetite
to put in the 'work' to get them these days. *Facepalm*

(I am listening...so to speak)

Thanks, everyone, for your input.
I will give this a test run next month or so, and see how it goes. *Bigsmile*
iKïyå§ama - If you let me know when you plan to open it, I will list it on "Contest Clues.
🐦GeminiGem🌷 - Awesome! Will do. *Bigsmile*

House Targaryen image for G.o.T.
We will take what's ours with Fire and Blood

And with that last post, I can officially say that I am finished with "Game of Thrones 2024!
Did not plan on entering. Did not plan on reliving the memories.
Yet here I am, a month later, and somehow still standing (barely)

Thanks, of course, goes to the mad woman behind it all - Gaby ~ Quiet contemplation and to her excellent team of helpers
(who should probably form a union and demand compensation or worker's rights or something)
So thanks to 🌸 pwheeler - love joy peace, Jim Hall, and Fivesixer, for helping to keep her sane.

A big cheer to all my fellow warriors, in all the rival houses (including some people from beyond the wall)
you all did your houses proud, and aside from a few hiccups, this was a peaceful enough event all around.
Kudos to all of you!

And of course, last but not least, my fantabulous team of fiery dragons
(geez, I'm getting emotional again for some damn reason)
But honestly, I think the smaller team format was a better idea because it helped us a great deal.
I truly appreciate and love my team to pieces.
We worked our tushies off, and as I've already told them, no matter the final outcome,
you can all hold your heads up with pride at flying our banners so beautifully.

So, to my dearest Dragons,
JACE , StephBee , Choconut , GERVIC 🐉 WDC Dragon Vale , StaiNed-House Targaryen

Thanks so very much for joining me on this journey. It was an honor being with you!

P.S: We still have that date in Jace's hot tub *Wink*
(do not even ask)

*Dragon* *Fire* *Dragon*

Three more little days of Game of Thrones

You can do it!
You Can Do It

Only a few more days to go, fellow GoT-er! We are heading down the homestretch!
Hey Kiya, thank you for all the incredible effort you’ve poured into leading your team! The whole site is proud of you *BigSmile*

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Thank you! *Heart*
Oh my gosh!
I might actually be doing what I said I'd do Schnujo is Late to Lannister!
Giving medications and typing at the same time! *Shock2*

Multitasking, baby! *Fire* *Rolling*

Disclaimer: I actually can't do that. Duh. But I do have a few minutes of downtime here and there, so I can check in on the site. *Wink*
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