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Happy WDC Anniversary.
*Music2* Happy Account Anniversary *Cake*
I've added a new item to my portfolio:
Passion   (E)
Just to say something for today.
86% done with Nano Project. so excited to work on a different project that I put aside to work on Nano. I cannot wait to start planning on another project. I have multiple projects as is, in various stages of writing. Some I gave up on, some I threw away and started over. etc/
WDC is a welcoming place for writers. I see your doing NANO. If you have some short stories, put them on your portfolio and post a link on the newsfeed. Bring some traffic to yourself to help get more out of the site. In my humble opinion. Keep writing.
Excited, it is finally getting cold out. Just in time for nano!
Reay for NANO! I think. Who am I kidding. I am never fully prepared for NANO. I work third shift for my writing, I sleep second shift. First shift I am usually on media connecting with other writers. I do this for 3-4 hours 5 days a week. I'm just tired.
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No one is every as ready as they could be, but some realize it and some don't. *Laugh* Good for you for knowing there's still gaps, but they tend to fill in as you begin to write. There are people out there who, because they don't know better or because it's their process, do little to no prepping. If you did any, you're ahead of where you could be and the characters and story will come. Not to mention, there's still time. What do you need to do? Have you finished "October Novel Prep Challenge? If so, is there an assignment that you need to work more on? Is there something that wasn't addressed that you need to work on? Or maybe you need to just relax and not overthink it. *Laugh*

Whatever the case, you got this! *PenB* *Delight* *Notepad*
Serial killer vs cop and junior homicide detective.
Welcome to WdC! I know you aren't brand new, but I'm not sure I welcomed you yet. *Bigsmile*

Is that your story for Nation Novel Writing Month coming up? If so, are you doing "October Novel Prep Challenge? If not, I encourage you to do so! It's so helpful with NaNo (AKA NaNoWriMo). But today is the last day to join and submit your first entry, so better get started if you're interested!
Yes, this is for NANO. Already signed up. working title Beneath the coffer. The outlining is rough, I discover nano prep here a few hours too late to sign up this time. Next time I'll know.
Check with Brandiwyn🎶. I know if you join "October Novel Prep Challenge and you fall more than 72 hrs behind the time, she will let you continue and you can be a runner up. Maybe she will also let you start late and be a runner up. There are still benefits to being a runner up, including all the prepping for your story, of course. *Bigsmile* I think it's the same. You fell behind on the time, just at the very beginning. *Laugh* Either way, you are free to do the exercises anyway. *Wink*
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