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The creator of dragon ball, Akari Toriyama, has passed away.
Detective - he was a big pillar of the manga/anime medium.
John GoodHorse - Yeah. Dargon Ball Z was a large part of my childhood, even when my family moved and didn't have cable for a while.
Detective - I can on wonder what will happen now to the series and his other works.
Have a happy 2024 everyone.
Merry Christmas everyone.
Merry Christmas!
So I finally got my Getting a Harem story up to 630+ chapters. Thanks to everyone who helped.
I don't like Taylor Swift's music.
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Good to know I'm not alone. *Smile*
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Sleep well!
Today's my birthday.
Happy birthday 🎂
Happy birthday.
Someone gifted me an upgraded account and made what I already have extended until December of next year. I don’t know who was so generous, but thank you.
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Congratulations! That's awesome!

Yes, if you buy (or are gifted) your membership early, it just extends it. If you move up a level, the new one is enacted and if you don't renew the higher level again, when it expires, you'll begin using the remaining part of your lower level membership you had before you upgraded. *Smile*
Happy anniversary
see above.

Happy 12th, John!
Kindest Regards, Lilli
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*Party* Happy Writing.Com account anniversary. *Party*

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I finally moved into my new house.
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*Party* Congratulations! That's Huge! *Party*
I've added a new item to my portfolio:
 Your New Mother  (18+)
You are ran over by Truck-Kun and given a choice of a new mother.
Merry Christmas everyone. Have a great Christmas Eve.
I cannot get a new story up tonight. I have to call it a night.
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