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Does anyone want or need a temporary husband??
My very "helpful" husband is all too willing to help me with my Easter cooking. So far he's swiped and "taste tested" four of my deviled eggs....that is four WHOLE eggs, or 8 halves. He's eaten half an apple I was peeling and slicing for a crumble, and some how I've "lost" three cookies...I swear I made a dozen...but he swears I didn't...

With all his kind, loving help, I'll never get Easter Dinner prepared! Well, I'll be doing good to get half of it on the serving table. So....anyone out there want a temp husband who can come help YOU with your cooking?? I'm willing to share!
Shadow Prowler-Spreading Love - "Wonderland. *Laugh* Seriously. If it weren't for this, maybe I'll attempt to cook something. It is my dream to cook an Easter meal especially since I practice Lent. We don't really have such a thing as an Easter meal in Malaysia so I am Googling the Western cultures and see what they do. I want to throw an Easter party next year. I'm observing menu now. What I know is people have Roast Lamb, Hot Crossed Buns, Devilled Eggs. I'm not sure what else. Why Devilled Eggs though? *Laugh* Cause it's a devil? We overcome the devil and we eat it? I mean, I get Lamb and Hot Crossed Buns.

But seriously, 4 eggs are a lot. *Laugh* I get extremely full just eating two eggs.

Your menu sounds fantastic! *Heart* Do you have decorations for Easter?
Elycia Lee ☮ I'm really not sure why they are called "deviled" eggs, but I like your reasoning. I did google it and got this response from AllRecipes.com: Where Does the Name Come From?
In this case, the adjective "deviled" has a (somewhat) secular meaning — the word "devil" is just a culinary term that is used to describe a highly seasoned dish.

To devil means to "combine a food with various hot or spicy seasonings such as red pepper, mustard, or Tabasco sauce, thereby creating a 'deviled' dish," according to the Food Lover's Companion, the definitive guide to all things food and cooking.

The term likely comes from the connection between spiciness and the presumably hot temperatures in hell.

Since the word "devil" does have negative connotations, though, some groups of people prefer to call the dish "stuffed eggs," "salad eggs," or "dressed eggs."

Growing up, Mom and my Grandmother always made ham, potato salad, baked beans, mac and cheese, fried okra, and deviled eggs. Mom always made carrot cake and Grandma always made some sort of fruit pie.

Another tradition is/was to put at least one silver dollar or gold dollar in a plastic egg to hide...the other eggs had candy in them...but whoever found the eggs with the dollars got an extra treat. You don't see those types of coins much any more. I was telling my nephew about this, and he asked me "what is a coin"....I felt OLD...lol Happy Easter!
When they first made 'deviled eggs' they were far more spicy than they are today. People who ate these early versions described the heat as close to hell's gates, hence the name.
HI *BigSmile*
I am almost through chasing the rabbit around his hole. I am one step closer to White/Red Queen. Stop by and visit
Down The Rabbit Hole  (E)
My Aventures in Wonderland
#2313324 by Chrys O'Shea
Wonderland  (13+)
a "nonsensical" writing activity. Shssh! Activity in Session!
#2212324 by iKïyå§ama-House Targaryen
for a chuckle or two.
I've added a new entry to my book, "Shadows Potpourri:
         "Suddenly Easter!
coffee blinky image
Now that I have your attention with the mention of coffee *MugG*:

*Quill* Attention poets and song writers! *Music2*

I'm looking for someone who can help me write a sing-songy type spell that will be sung by a sea witch posing as a mermaid to entrance a dragon! If you think you'd like to help me with this, please email me. For your help, I will "pay" you with TWO merit badges of your choice and a gift certificate to the WDC shop of your choice. *Mermaid*
Sounds like this is right up my alley. Email me further details and I'll "sea" what I can come up with.
Massive Friendly Derg - ok. I emailed you a spell, but only just now realized you didn't specify a length. If it's not long enough for you, I can add to it.
Looking for new ways to inspire your muse or shake up your writing time? I was watching a show and one of the characters was a successful author who was well known for steampunk novels.

When decorated his writing space to that time period and would dress the part. He even had gas powered lamps and a very old fashioned type writer. So I got to thinking....that would be kinda fun!

Think about whatever you are writing currently. What character could you dress up as? All you Alice In Wonderlanders....what about trying on a whimsical hat or fancy tea party dress? Poets, what about draping yourself with a sheet toga style and writing by candlelight? You get the idea...

Have you ever considered dressing the part? If so, tell us about it!

Considering what I write... no.


I have a friend who writes Outback Romances (quite successfully, too) and she will dress as the heroine dresses in the story, changing for each chapter. Her husband says it is not uncommon for her to rush into the bedroom in boots, jeans and flannel and emerge minutes later in a mildly fancy dress, her hair done properly, some make-up on. And then, a few hours later, back into the bedroom, emerging in a set of clothes she keeps deliberately dirty.

So, horses for courses, I think...
If I'm staying alone, maybe. I'm too self-conscious to dress up only to get caught by someone who walks in the door.
Listening to period apropiate music while writing is as close as I've gotten to this.
I've launched my official Spring Cleaning Frenzy this morning by emptying out both spice cabinets and taking inventory. I think I may have to admit to having a bit of a um...habit. How on earth did I manage to accumulate 132 spices?? WHY do I have THREE jumbo containers of coriander? I don't even use it very often...

Somehow, I've got to stop buying spices!

I have a similar problem. Sage and poultry seasoning abound in my cabinet. I'll never use them all, especially since I stopped hosting family holidays. As for seeds, I had a recipe that called for several kinds of seeds, including sesame. I still have the seeds and they are stale. I need to throw them out, but that's like throwing money in the trash!
Pumpkin - If the seeds are stale, it's like throwing any food that's gone bad in the trash. *Think* Time to let it go and buy what you need next time you need it. *Heartb*
If you have that many spices, you must be an awesome cook. Indian cooking has got lots of recipes with fennel seeds in them. I think this should be one of the simpler ones? https://chilliandmint.com/2014/11/24/indian-cabbage-with-fennel-seeds/
*Rabbit2* I followed the bread crumbs and down the rabbit hole I fell. And after stuffing myself with tea and cakes just look what gem I stumbled upon!

Merit Badge in Binary Bunny
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 <chat>  C 0 NGR 4 TUL 4 T 10 N 5 !  As an esteemed guest of Hatter's  H  T ea T ea P://  Party, you played his game  and won!  You're fast like a hare, cunning like a fox, wise like an owl, and look like a gorilla. Wait, I didn't type that last part. Yes, you did. No I didn't. Yes, yes! *^*Facepalm*^* I think I'm being hacked again . . . *^*Poison*^* </chat>

Who knew binary coding could be fun or rewarding *QuestionB*
You mean they actually meant something? I just thought a select few were invited to the party.
I fell in a hole. It's dark and dank and there's no one here. Maybe it's the hole in my head.
Turn around buddhangela's Psychotic Break look up, the sun is still bright in the blue sky!

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Join the White Rabbit and I on a most maddening journey!


We're having an HTeaTeaP:// Party with the


in "Wonderland

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A message in the code . . .

*Door prize included.
Do you have an inspirational story that you might be willing to share with inmates? No, that's not a type-o. I'm launching a new "thing" ....not sure what exactly to call it yet...For a few years now, I've written a wide variety of inmates mostly focusing on lifers without parole. Just letters to share my faith, let them know God has not given up on them...etc, etc, etc.

So, while I was in the hospital, the idea came to me to put together an inspirational devotional type book specifically for inmates. I know...that is not everyone's cup of tea. BUT, if you have a story or two or an article you think inmates might benefit from...and you don't mind sharing it with inmates...email me. YOUR identity and contact information will never be shared with inmates The stories, articles, even poems can be on any subject, but something an inmate can relate to. For more information or if you have questions or want to submit something, email me. Thank you!
I'd see if there is a "Chicken Soup for the Inmates Soul" type book out and, if not, contact them about doing one...
You might want to use my Sunday word for this week.
you could advice them in your letters Andrew Vachss' and Anders Roslund books. I think, in their libraries there are books of them. Those guys worked really hard to knock to hearts of people who have high risks of being inmates. So, I am sure and believe it will help a lot.
Well, I don't mind share my parable Own tribe. It's a useful reminder about the main idea of humanity.
Friends come in all shapes and sizes!
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Glad to see you Tina.

Once again, THANK YOU to my Secret Valentine for the amazing week of love and surprises. You are an incredibly kind and generous person and I am so very thankful to have you as one of my friends. You are a gemstone shining bright in my life. THANK YOU!!
Pssst! Hey, you...yeah...you...secret Valentine....*Hug1**Smile**Hug2*
Thank you for the teddy bear gift basket and c-note and gift points. You are amazing!


Thank you to my "not-your-secret-valentine-but-still-a-secret-valentine" that send the lovely c-note with the sweet message and gift points.

Thank you to my official Secret Valentine who has showered me with all kinds of love this week! You have made this a very special event this year. Thank you for your love and kindness. May it be returned to you ten fold throughout the year!

Dear Secret Valentine,
Thank you sincerely for the reviews, gift points and c-notes. Each note brought a smile and ray of sunshine to my day.
Today is Valentines, and my wish for YOU is that your day be filled to overflowing with love. The love of friends, family and most of all, the greatest love of all, God's love. Thank you for making this Valentines one to remember!

*Movie* *Popcorn* *StarG* *Movie* *Popcorn* *StarG* *Movie* *Popcorn* *StarG* *Movie* *Popcorn* *StarG* *Movie* *Popcorn* *StarG*


 The Cave-Part 1  (13+)
A WDC Sitcom of a derg, mouse, & fox rooming together.
#2314024 by Massive Friendly Derg

What happens when a mouse, a derg and fox join forces? Come join them and share in the adventure! All are welcome!
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