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2023 Quill Nominee
Category: Best of the Rest


For a while, the shop has been closed and I hope you're looking forward to new signatures. There are some old ones as well. Feel free to browse around and enjoy your stay. If you have any specific questions, don't hesitate to email me. *Bigsmile* Also, there are images sprinkled around that should be rated 18+. Make sure you set them up as such once you acquire them.

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What can I use the images for:

*BulletB* Decorate your portfolio
*BulletB* As part of your signature/handle
*BulletB* For Newsletters, emails, review replies, whatever you wish
*BulletB* Get images to create your own C-Note Shop

How do I redeem my Gift Certificate?

To redeem a Gift Certificate, add items you'd like to your cart, specify what you'd like written on them, and complete your transaction. Your Gift Points will be refunded with your images.


Choose items you want, email me their names and numbers, what you'd like written on them and I'll remove them from the shop. Once finished, I'll email you the images.

For custom signatures, please visit:

~ Custom Treasure Designs Shop~  (18+)
~ Treasure Designs ~ Stop by and get your custom Sig!!
#1094143 by Gaby ~ GoT Game? #456789

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*ExclaimB* The following are some instructions and heads-up:
*Worry* I do not really work with animated signatures. However, if you at times find those in here, even better.

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In order for you to use your signatures on WDC you must be:

*Bullet* An Upgraded member
*Bullet* To learn more about specific memberships, follow the link here:
"Compare Free and Paid Membership Benefits
*Bullet* Animated images can only be displayed by Premium members
*Bullet* The signatures come in their specific size (maximum 400x400)
*Bullet* Altering these images will effect their quality
*Bullet* If you need help uploading images, please go to: "Image Item Info

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*MailB* If you have any questions, please contact me at: Geja8856@writing.com

Link me:
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