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Do you recognize me?


Hello. Do you recognize me?

I am that which resonates within the deepest part of your soul.

When your world seems to spin out of control, you are down and feel disconnected, fear not, for I am there.

I feel the gentle beating of your heart when you are isolated, when you feel like nobody understands and that you are alone in the world.

I am the cloak that surrounds you in the darkness, the glow of a candle, and the gentle breeze across your brow, but also the sun that blankets you with its warmth.

I am the crashing of the waves, the caw of a seagull, the majestic peak of a mountain, and the setting of the sun.

I am all this, but also you, stripped bare of every ache and pain, and all the physical desires of the flesh.

I am love, you are love, and we are one.

Note: I love the ribbon SHERRI GIBSON gave me. I was both saddened, yet blessed, that she'd seen this before she'd left to be with the Lord.
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